Sad Blogger Diary

Well my Easter was…hmmm. I was going to tell you about it words, but I decided to do it in GiFs instead cause GIFs make everything better. We had a student over. We like having students over for holidays cause a lot of them don’t go home, but it’s always kinda nerve-wracking for me because…well, [Read More...]

My Dog Ate My Laptop Charger

No really, she did. Let’s just say that my idealistic dog dreams are about as connected with reality as anything idealistic ever is. But then, on the other hand, there’s this, which will actually make you a better person: But only if you apply these lessons you’ve learned herein to your real life. I’m still [Read More...]

“We are doomed to be left behind…”

One of my favorite college professors from UD posted a status update about how her efforts at raising money for Chernobyl poet Lyubov Sirota have fallen far short of her hopes, and how horrible it has made her feel. I confess that I have never heard of Lyubov Sirota until today. I immediately googled her [Read More...]

Filter After the Fact

Yesterday morning I took the kids to the dog park for a picnic lunch. Folly was literally bouncing off the walls, the kids were doing their Lord of the Flies thing, and I was overwhelmed and desperate for a bit of quiet and space to sit and write. So I figured I’d let them play [Read More...]

Frozen Honest Trailer

Y’all know I love Honest Trailers, and I also adore Frozen, so this is the perfect blend of the two. Hilarious, yet accurate: Do you want some exposition, some information through a song? [Read more...]

Soap Up!

Unlike the Skirt Up thing, this has nothing whatsoever to do with modesty. This is all about helping one woman bring traditional, cold process goat milk soap back into the world and onto your skin, thus striking a blow at the twin evils of parabens and phthalates. As a bonus, this will also allow her [Read More...]

Melting Shoulders

The Ogre’s sister is here visiting for a week. She’s been living in Rome since before Sienna was born, and she finally moved back this past summer. She hasn’t seen us in nearly two years, so it’s been a long-awaited visit, especially for the Ogre. He thinks she’s the best influence ever on me, since [Read More...]

I ♥ Blogger Meet-Ups

Not falling off the face of the earth again, promise! Just had a bit of a crazy week, and am trying to finish some old posts in snatches of time here and there. But I had to update and tell y’all who came over for dinner last night: Heck ya, that’s priest and fellow Patheosi [Read More...]

Let’s Speak Truth in Smack-down (and love, obviously)

Sometimes I feel like none of us blogging Catholics ever fight fair, cause we’re all worried about compassion and love and junk. We’re way too ready to whip out the “Greatest Commandment” trump card anytime someone says something we don’t like or disagrees with us or makes stupid words with their stupid typing fingers. I’m [Read More...]

From One Sister to Another

Sienna has been begging me for weeks to do a lemonade stand. Being the mother I am, I was hesitant, because that sounded like a whole lot of work to me. Mixing powdered Country Time in a pitcher and adding ice, then refilling when it got empty, plus doing some kind of mediation in case [Read More...]