Did I Shave My Legs for This?

Well, we finally made it to Texas. Later this week I promise to put up a lengthy post detailing just how our two-day journey stretched into a five-day road trip from hell, including but not limited to a nearly dying Ogre, high winds, wildfires, screaming Charlotte, a broken Chi, getting lost in Albuquerque, and a [Read More...]

7 Quick Takes Friday!

Please go see Jen for more quick takes! Thanks for hosting as always, Jen! And i apologize for the lack of link, since my phone won’t let me put one in, so if you want to go see jen here’s her address: www.conversiondiary.com #7 I didn’t expect this trip to be easy. I even thought [Read More...]

Thank You for the Prayers

Thank you all so much for your prayers for Garth. He has been found and is with friends, and I am in no doubt that all the prayers poured out for him in the past three days were instrumental in getting him out of immediate danger. You guys are so wonderful. i apologize for the [Read More...]

Please Pray for Garth

I am re-posting this from yesterday, as the situation has become even more critical. This man is in grave danger and we beg you for your prayers.  At the request of my dear sister-in-law, I’m begging each person who reads this for their most sincere prayers for a soul who is in much distress. Please [Read More...]

Turkish Delight

This guest post is brought to you by the lovely Mrs. Darwin of DarwinCatholic. She and Darwin run one of the most fascinating websites around. They’re the triathalon-type bloggers, the ones who blog about everything from taxes, theology, and politics, to Alan Turing and Adele, with an invariable depth of understanding and eloquence of expression. [Read More...]

Urgent Prayer Request!!

At the request of my dear sister-in-law, I’m begging each person who reads this for their most sincere prayers for a soul who is in much distress. Please go to your knees and ask God to have swift mercy and compassion on our friend Garth, that he might find the comfort and peace that he [Read More...]

Hips Don’t Lie

Yesterday I made quite a bit of progress packing. I attribute this almost entirely to the compilation cd I made myself in the wee hours of the morning. My taste in music is…eclectic. Some might even say it’s bad. I tend toward classic rock, with a particular emphasis on 80′s hair bands. The only two [Read More...]

The Peace of Christ is Real

Between packing, moving, and getting settled in Texas, I’m going to be extremely busy this week and next, so I’ve asked a few of my best blogging buddies to pinch-hit for me. This first guest post is brought to you by the irrepressible Dwija of House Unseen, Life Unscripted.  If you haven’t made it over [Read More...]

Someone Else’s Child

Today is the day of the Rapture. Oh, yes. Domenico Bettinelli is hoping for the rapture just to end all the lame rapture jokes, but I for one am gleefully enjoying them. Is it because, not so long ago, I was among the number that anxiously watched for signs of the impending apocalypse, all while [Read More...]

7 Quick Takes Friday!

Ah, sweet, glorious Friday. Our last Friday here in the desert, in fact. After I got Sienna ready for her last day of school, I stared out the window for a little while as I sipped my coffee and thought…I’m really gonna miss this place. Not like I missed Texas, mind you. Texas is my [Read More...]