7 Quick Takes Friday!

Yay! I love Fridays! And guess what? We’re having the Pioneer Woman’s mushroom and swiss sliders tonight. Oh. My. Yum. They are great. I made them once before, and do you know what’s even better than seeing your husband and minions gobbling up the dinner you made? Having made said dinner in about half an [Read More...]

Ouch, Yawn

Sorry I haven’t posted in a few days. I have two very good reasons for this, and for the fact that this post is probably going to be slightly incoherent and significantly grammatically flawed. First, on Valentine’s Day, I did the unthinkable. I did the thing that most of you do all the time, without [Read More...]

Trying to Write Love

Hands in the morning while the sun struggles through the valiant blinds heavy, flung across our son and me, sleeping yet strong. Fingers curling softly in sleep, each one a thousand pounds sliding my small fingers between them,           your strength surrounds me. Days spent in study, writing, reading,  following Truth on the path to [Read More...]

Sunday Smorgasbord

Again with the Smorgasbord thing. This may become a regular occurrence (it just took me six tries to spell occurrence right), because it seems that by Sunday night my brain flits around like a squirrel on a sugar high. Sienna is a Disaster (Five seconds after this picture was taken, she fell, bit her lip, [Read More...]

7 Quick Takes Friday, plus The Inappropriate Comment of the Day!

Ahhhhh. Friday. Fridays are so much sweeter now that the Ogre’s teaching again. I’m not really sure why because he only teaches on Mondays and Wednesdays and he studies from home most of the time but…somehow they are. It’s a mental thing, I guess. Anyway. Quick Takes! #7 Not-So-Little-Liam is six months old today! It’s [Read More...]

Lessons in Time Management

By two o’clock this afternoon I had accomplished enough to make me feel like the proverbial domestic goddess. I’m so proud of myself, in fact, that I’m going to write down what I learned about time management skills this morning so that when I complain about not having time to read/blog/think/do anything, you can all [Read More...]

I Lost My Heart

Last night the girls and I spent a few hours running errands. Sienna had a late doctor’s appointment and afterward we went to Target to get diapers and valentines for her class party and then ran over to Trader Joe’s to get some groceries. When we got home the Ogre disappeared into the study with [Read More...]

By the Banks of the Tiber

Over at Conversion Diary, Jen is asking bloggers what the religious climates in their countries are. While I live in America, I did spend a semester in Italy during my college days and two months in Rome visiting my sister-in-law Amanda when Sienna was two. Of the two visits, it was the latter that truly [Read More...]

Sunday Smorgasbord

When I was a kid, on Sunday night my mom would lay out all the leftovers from the previous week’s dinners and we’d just pick and choose. I always liked smorgasbords because it meant that I could pull out a tortilla, grate some cheese on it, stick it in the microwave and enjoy a yummy [Read More...]

The Saturday Evening Blog Post

It’s the first Saturday of the month, and Elizabeth Esther is continuing on with her Saturday Evening Blog Post roundup. Here’s the way it works: Elizabeth has a linky widget on her website for bloggers to link to their favorite post from the past month. Normally we choose just one post from the last month, [Read More...]