Christos Anesti!

I hope you all have a wonderful, chocolate-filled Easter.  From me to you… [Read more...]


Thank you all for your prayers for my family and for my grandfather. I’m so glad we were able to hop a last-minute flight out here and be with the rest of my family. There’s something about the passing of a patriarch that draws us all together. At the funeral, the pastor recounted the names [Read More...]

Requiem Aeternam

My grandfather died last night. I’m told that he went swiftly, for which we are all grateful, as the last years of his life were full of steadily increasing suffering and affliction. We are making preparations to fly to Texas tomorrow to be with my family at his funeral. I’d like to ask you all [Read More...]

Panis Angelicus and Angela

This Lent has been difficult. I’ve seen that on lots of blogs, actually. I don’t know what’s going on this year, but it seems that everyone has been fighting an uphill battle. I’ve been looking forward to Palm Sunday all Lent. It’s one of my favorite Masses of the year. Yesterday, in preparation for today, [Read More...]

Putting a Hit Out on Secret Vatican Spy, Plus Some Saturday Link Love

I’m putting a hit out on my friend Kassie, the Secret Vatican Spy. A prayer hit. This amazing woman is coming into the Church at Easter…just a week left, Kassie! She’s had a very difficult Lent, on top of a difficult conversion in general, so I’m asking all of you to join me in lifting [Read More...]

7 Quick Takes Friday!

What a week. Since I posted my story on Sunday night, so many people have linked to it. First there were the Darwins, who linked to me both on their blog and at American Catholic. Then the picked it up, Leila linked to it in her follow-up to one of my commenters, Simcha linked [Read More...]

Liam Loves Bond Girls

Yeah, you read that right. About eleven o’clock this morning I was leaving the park with the girls, having just taken them to an Easter Egg hunt with some friends, when I called the Ogre. I had left sleeping Liam there with his daddy, who was supposed to be studying. When he answered the phone, [Read More...]

Love Calls Us to the Things of This World

I’m tired. Shaky. Weepy, even. The last two days have been really difficult. Watching my stat counter blow up has not really made up for the difficult discussions raging in my combox. They’re tame discussions, actually, by normal blogging standards, but I don’t blog about things like this very often. I’m not used to this. [Read More...]

Giving Women a “Choice” is Callous, Not Compassionate

I had planned to write a nice, sappy little post today about all the things I love and miss about my ugly-as-sin home state, Texas, but that’s going to have to wait until tomorrow. Just about an hour ago I received a series of comments on my post from Sunday regarding my position on abortion, [Read More...]

What a Woman in Crisis Really Needs

Amidst the debates swirling around about defunding Planned Parenthood, some oft-repeated catch phrases are being tossed around like word grenades. One of these are “women in crisis.” I’m sick and tired of hearing about “women in crisis” and how they need access to emergency contraception and abortions. That is a huge, steaming pile of lies, [Read More...]