Sex Breasts and Babies

Ah, breastfeeding. That age-old “midday peep show.” Wait, what? Believe it or not, one of the commenters at the Daily Caller called it exactly that, in response to this carefully crafted post by Matt K. Lewis, who politely told conservatives who cry “ick!” in the face of breastfeeding moms that they’re kind of perverted. In [Read More...]

Don’t Feed the Trolls, or Be One

Last week, I posted this hilarious article on my facebook page, a critical analysis of the deterioration of a comment thread for a rainbow cake tutorial posted on an Australian Radio Show’s website. What started as helpful tips and clarifications devolved into an outright combox culture war. Getting a little worked-up here, folks. It’s rainbow [Read More...]

Desire, Lust, and Daisy Dukes

Lots of nuttiness and hysteria has ensued since my post yesterday, notably on Mark Shea’s wall. Also, other sides of the story have come to light, along with more than a few accusations about me picking one side of the story and running with it. Truth be told, I picked the story up immediately after [Read More...]

Let’s Speak Truth in Smack-down (and love, obviously)

Sometimes I feel like none of us blogging Catholics ever fight fair, cause we’re all worried about compassion and love and junk. We’re way too ready to whip out the “Greatest Commandment” trump card anytime someone says something we don’t like or disagrees with us or makes stupid words with their stupid typing fingers. I’m [Read More...]

Suffering Comes Like a Walker

I love the show The Walking Dead. I’ve always loved zombies, but this show, much like Max Brooks’ fait accompli of a novel, World War Z, both scares the pants off me and gives me the most inexplicable hope in humanity. Fans of the show know that walkers are scary, and they’re a threat, sure [Read More...]

How to Destroy Your Marriage In One Easy Step

Not everyone was happy with my post yesterday. A few people felt that I was making fun of others, or just plain being mean. I was being a little mean, and I was making fun, but I pointedly directed all that snark toward the principle at stake, not individual people. As I said in my [Read More...]