In case you’re wondering, yes, my archives have disappeared. Luckily they were not spirited away by hackers, just by me. Because my word for the new year is “intentionally”(<– I’ll write about that later), my focus from now till January is going to be cleaning up and organizing my blog. It’s SUCH a drag. I’m [Read More...]

Don’t Feed the Trolls, or Be One

Last week, I posted this hilarious article on my facebook page, a critical analysis of the deterioration of a comment thread for a rainbow cake tutorial posted on an Australian Radio Show’s website. What started as helpful tips and clarifications devolved into an outright combox culture war. Getting a little worked-up here, folks. It’s rainbow [Read More...]

Talkin’ Ain’t Doin’

You know how there are the ten commandments that we’re supposed to abide by? I’ve always taken some of those more seriously than others. One of the ones I’ve never taken too seriously is that pesky fourth one, the whole “honor your mother and father” thing. When I was a kid, I would obey because [Read More...]

My Top 4 Patheos Posts

Yesterday I put up a video for Patheos’s birthday party, and included a link to my personal favorite post on Patheos. I chose that one because I couldn’t have written it if I weren’t here at Patheos, among the other bloggers on all the channels, but especially among the Patheosi at the Catholic Channel, who [Read More...]

Happy Birthday Patheos!

Patheos turns five today, and they asked us bloggers to help them celebrate by making a video and posting a few of our best blog posts. I think the idea was that the video would be a short “Hey Patheos, happy birthday, cheers!” thing, but I thought this would be a more fitting birthday present: [Read More...]

The Laundry-Line

  It occurred to me today that perhaps I should explain the quote that appears at the top of my new-and-improved (thanks to the Ogre) blog. On the one hand, it doesn’t need much explanation. It’s a few lines from one of the most amazing poems ever written in the English language, “Love Calls Us [Read More...]