Faith Is Not A Big Electric Blanket

Yesterday there was a bit of a kerfluffle between the Crescat and the group Abolish Human Abortion. It started on facebook and escalated into a series of blog posts between the two, which I read with amusement that quickly turned to sadness. For her part, the Crescat seemed genuinely surprised that such deep-seeded anti-Catholicism still [Read More...]


So I’m up at the crack of dawn, swilling tea to calm my pre-op nerves and reading my current favorite blog, so I figured I might as well share it with you guys. It’s called Wifeytini, which is obviously the best blog name of all time ever, and it is HI-freakin-LARIOUS. Sarah has a mouth [Read More...]


Some of you may remember a little Ukranian orphan boy named Henry, whom I blogged about over a year ago. Henry has been home with his adoptive family here in the States for just a year. It’s been a difficult year filled with surgeries, and the “big one” was just three weeks ago. Little Henry [Read More...]

Thanksgiving Miracle

Our Thanksgiving was lovely, and was capped off with a seriously un-lovely cold that mostly skipped right over the mobile children and felled the Ogre, Lincoln and I like pine trees at Christmastime. I’m actually going on day 2 in the same pajamas, surrounded by tissues, tea and orange juice, and once again thanking God [Read More...]

It’s Betty Duffy!

Look at this, look at this! Well, here we go. A fresh start. Many of you may know my old blog, Betty Duffy. I’ve loved it long, but over the past year or so, Elizabeth Scalia’s offer to let me blog here at Patheos has become more and more attractive. Having a personal blog on [Read More...]