Savita’s Death and Common Sense

  I’m sure by now most have you have seen this story that’s going viral on the internet and being used by abortion advocates everywhere as one more reason to hate the evil Catholic Church. I wasn’t going to write on it after I saw the Anchoress’s excellent post on the subject, despite predictably snotty [Read More...]

Of All Things Visible and Invisible

I’m over at The Wine-Dark Sea today, musing about the line “of all things visible and invisible” in the Creed. It’s part of Melanie’s brilliant blogging through the Creed series for the Year of Faith. Click over there if you can, and read the rest of the posts she has up in this series while [Read More...]

Johnny Foreigner

Today is election day. I feel a little nauseous about the whole thing, honestly, and am mostly trying to avoid political posts/news/facebook opinions. It isn’t that I’m not interested in who wins…on the contrary, I’m very much hoping for a certain outcome. It’s just that over the course of this election cycle I have found [Read More...]