Microsoft Built a Friggin’ DALEK

And they totally meant to: Showing a rather shocking disregard for the long-term safety of human civilization, Microsoft has become one of the first companies to deploy autonomous robot security guards. Dubbed the K5, Microsoft’s Silicon Valley campus was being policed last week by five of these roughly human-sized 300-pound (136 kg) robots, each equipped with [Read More...]


Go vote, like I did. You won’t regret it.   [Read more...]

Whoops, someone poked a hole in the sun…

Today NASA found a strange dark square-shaped hole in the sun. Nope, not kidding. This is what NASA has to say about it: A coronal hole, almost square in its shape, is one of the most noticeable features on the Sun of late (May 5-7, 2014). A coronal hole is an area where high-speed solar [Read More...]

Dr. Who

This is a completely non-informative, non-thoughtful, non-baby related post. But I have to get it out. I’m completely in love with Dr. Who, and David Tennant’s Tenth Doctor to be specific. Since giving birth to a baby that nurses…all…day…long, I’ve had plenty of time to sit on my bum and watch streaming videos on Netflix, [Read More...]