Why an Ill-Timed Virus Reminded Me That My Parents are Awesome

I had really hoped that the two-week bout of sickness was the end of it, but actually it was just beginning. Luckily for us – but unluckily for them – my parents had just arrived for a much-anticipated visit when the Ogre came home from work early and collapsed in bed with a 101 fever. [Read More...]

Suffering Comes Like a Walker

I love the show The Walking Dead. I’ve always loved zombies, but this show, much like Max Brooks’ fait accompli of a novel, World War Z, both scares the pants off me and gives me the most inexplicable hope in humanity. Fans of the show know that walkers are scary, and they’re a threat, sure [Read More...]

What Love Looks Like

Earlier today, I popped into Whole Foods to get a few Valentine’s Day things for my husband. Because he’s the polar opposite of me in every way, his idea of a great dinner is the same as his idea of what dinner should be every night, and preferably most lunches: rare steak and sweet potatoes, [Read More...]