A Better Barrier Method

Yesterday was the first day of spring break. We’ve finally reached the sniffly beginning of the end of the Death Virus, but I let the Ogre sleep in a little since we’re both still making up for eons of lost sleep. We all had a long, leisurely breakfast, reveling in the joy of a week [Read More...]

Quick-and-Dirty Marriage Tip Monday

So remember how the Ogre and I went to hang out with Jen and Joe for a few hours on Friday? It was totally awesome and I only stepped on her toe once, but this post isn’t about that. Here’s the picture I promised, though: This post is about how the Ogre and I have [Read More...]

How to Be a Good Wife When You Have a Feral-Child-Soul

I’m assuming you’ve all heard by now that Michael Novak has been subsumed into the Blorg. Not to toot my own horn or anything (which I am totally about to do), but that’s partially a result of the time I had Michael and his brother Ben over for dinner and served them wine in mason [Read More...]

“She alone could mitigate his mortality”

This week the Vatican hosted Humanum, an international, interfaith colloquium on the complementarity of man and woman. The first keynote address was given by Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks, and it is absolutely stunning. I found his descriptions of the biological evolution of sexual reproduction and the anthropological evolution of monogamy particularly compelling, but it was [Read More...]

A Portrait of Domestic Bliss

Remember that one time I tried to learn to sew? That dress is still sitting in a box in the closet, as half-finished as it was when I wrote that post. Clothes are not really my area of expertise. I’ve only just begun learning how to wear them properly. Until last year, I owned a [Read More...]

Where There is a Flame

I know that there are many couples who have wonderful marriages that are peaceful and joyful, with few disagreements and lots of harmony. My marriage is not like that — it never has been. It is tempestuous and painful and passionate and exhilarating, and I’m coming to realize that I love it that way. I [Read More...]

Happiness is in the Work

I’ve always thought my husband, the Ogre, was essentially Daryl Dixon with Russel Crowe’s face.                 He’s such a visible badass that our neighbors’ master plan in the case of a zombie apocalypse is to “find and stick with the Ogre.” His badassery is so deeply ingrained into [Read More...]

It’s Not the Standards, It’s That We Believe Them

The Ogre and I had an amazing night last night. It was the kind of night where after a few hours I started feeling giggly and schoolgirl-ish again, and I couldn’t stop smiling every time he looked at me. We didn’t do anything extraordinary…put the kids down, ate dinner, watched a hysterically bad movie, and [Read More...]

Suffering Comes Like a Walker

I love the show The Walking Dead. I’ve always loved zombies, but this show, much like Max Brooks’ fait accompli of a novel, World War Z, both scares the pants off me and gives me the most inexplicable hope in humanity. Fans of the show know that walkers are scary, and they’re a threat, sure [Read More...]

How to Destroy Your Marriage In One Easy Step

Not everyone was happy with my post yesterday. A few people felt that I was making fun of others, or just plain being mean. I was being a little mean, and I was making fun, but I pointedly directed all that snark toward the principle at stake, not individual people. As I said in my [Read More...]