Edel: Party as Precordial Thump

I had intended to blog prolifically this weekend from Edel, updating with pictures of crazy shoes, karaoke, and hilarity. But on Tuesday of last week, my sister-in-law’s father died unexpectedly. Vic isn’t just my sister-in-law. She was one of my best friends in college and my maid of honor before she married the Ogre’s brother. [Read More...]

Being Lonely when You’re Never Alone

New Advent had a link to an article on BBC about how extreme isolation warps our minds, and it got me thinking about life as a stay-at-home mom. I’ve never met a SAHM who hasn’t recounted how at some point in her life as a mother, she would watch the clock in the afternoon, counting [Read More...]

Hulk Mommy Contemplates Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is not my favorite holiday. Mother’s Day is the emotional equivalent of Valentine’s Day…try as I might to temper them, my expectations are through the roof, and when when my family fails to provide a string quartet and a cappuccino imported directly from Rome to wake me up, I get mad. Then, in [Read More...]

A Series of Unfortunate Events…and Then, Raspberries

This morning, I went to go to the dentist. I’ve known that there has been something wrong with my teeth for a while, but since we’ve been bereft of dental insurance for quite a while I’ve put it off. When I finally got a new insurance plan in October that allowed me to sign up [Read More...]

St. Nicholas Day

Yesterday, for the first time ever, we celebrated a name-day. Being a convert, celebrations for feast days and name days are very foreign to me. I love the idea, though, and every time one rolls around I smack myself in the forehead for not having prepared in advance. Also being a convert, I never really [Read More...]

Cookies for Breakfast

I gave my kids cookies for breakfast this morning. I don’t really feel bad about, either. *striking combative stance* No really, I don’t feel bad. I’ve been trying to get myself to feel guilty about it since it happened two hours ago but it’s not working. My self-induced guilt machine must be broken. Hallelujah! I [Read More...]

I Don’t Say It Enough

But I have fantastic kids and an amazing husband. The little irritations and occasional (or not so occasional) tantrums are so huge in my eyes that I let them overshadow the many wonderful, charming and hilarious qualities my kids have. Sienna is probably the most thoughtful and considerate five year old in the world. Every [Read More...]

One More Important Lesson Gleaned from Watching a Child Excrete Bodily Fluids

So, seriously, as a mother, you would think that not all the lessons I learn would come from poop or puke. Apparently, that is not the case. We’ve been down with the flu this week. That wonderful, cozy day of snuggling was actually the calm before the sore-throat, runny-nose, projectile-vomiting feverish storm of a week [Read More...]

A Day of Snuggling

Today was sort of a strange day. We were all feeling a little under the weather, so we spent most of the day just laying around. While Sienna was at school this morning, the Ogre pointed out to me that Charlotte had fallen asleep on the couch. She looked so small and alone laying there, [Read More...]

The Dragon

The Ogre and I are fighting. I hate it when we fight. It means that he’ll work late, we’ll barely speak all day, the girls and I will have grilled cheeses for dinner, and I won’t be able to randomly throw myself into his arms when he does come home. It also means that there [Read More...]