Theology of the Booty

On Facebook, Jennifer Fulwiler is asking for 10-word descriptions of worst Mass experiences ever. After my offering, I dug up this old post that inspired it, cut out the boring “moral lesson” at the end, and re-published it for you with a snazzy new title. Please enjoy this account of personal mortification, then go read [Read More...]

Edel: Party as Precordial Thump

I had intended to blog prolifically this weekend from Edel, updating with pictures of crazy shoes, karaoke, and hilarity. But on Tuesday of last week, my sister-in-law’s father died unexpectedly. Vic isn’t just my sister-in-law. She was one of my best friends in college and my maid of honor before she married the Ogre’s brother. [Read More...]

Being Lonely when You’re Never Alone

New Advent had a link to an article on BBC about how extreme isolation warps our minds, and it got me thinking about life as a stay-at-home mom. I’ve never met a SAHM who hasn’t recounted how at some point in her life as a mother, she would watch the clock in the afternoon, counting [Read More...]

Hulk Mommy Contemplates Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is not my favorite holiday. Mother’s Day is the emotional equivalent of Valentine’s Day…try as I might to temper them, my expectations are through the roof, and when when my family fails to provide a string quartet and a cappuccino imported directly from Rome to wake me up, I get mad. Then, in [Read More...]


Children vomiting sucks, and I hate it. There’s no getting around the dreaded stomach bug when you’re a mom, but there’s also no use pretending it’s not basically the worst thing ever. That being said, I thought I had reached the apex of upchuck trials when Charlotte, at the age of 18 months, became convinced [Read More...]

I’m Not Dead Yet!

Just in case you were worried: I’m not quite fine, but I have been busy and hanging out with my mother-in-law, my mom, and my sister, who have taken turns visiting us the past few weeks. (Somehow I didn’t manage to get pictures of that.) That’s the Hallmark version. The not-so-made-for-TV version can be summed [Read More...]

Dear Sienna: Honesty is Not Your Best Policy

Sienna: “Jack’s mom lets him ride all around the Piazza and to Emerson by himself if he wants even though he lives in  Hampton, because she’s the best mom ever.” Me: “Oh, and I’m not the best mom ever, because I don’t let you ride to the Piazza or to Hampton alone?” Sienna: “Well, you’re [Read More...]

Adventures in Mass

I was all set to write a thoughtful post about confession, inspired by Joanne’s fascinating post from this weekend, but then something awful happened. I went to Mass. It wasn’t that the Mass part was awful; at least, I don’t think it was awful. As usual, I was so distracted by the increasingly ludicrous antics [Read More...]

A Series of Unfortunate Events…and Then, Raspberries

This morning, I went to go to the dentist. I’ve known that there has been something wrong with my teeth for a while, but since we’ve been bereft of dental insurance for quite a while I’ve put it off. When I finally got a new insurance plan in October that allowed me to sign up [Read More...]

St. Nicholas Day

Yesterday, for the first time ever, we celebrated a name-day. Being a convert, celebrations for feast days and name days are very foreign to me. I love the idea, though, and every time one rolls around I smack myself in the forehead for not having prepared in advance. Also being a convert, I never really [Read More...]