More Humble Freaking Pie

Well this has been a spectacularly awful day. Normally I try not to use my blog to just vent and whine (right, long-time readers? I never do that) but today sucked and I’m going to blog about it. Because it’s my blog, that’s why. After Lincoln’s frenulectomy we had three beautiful days. Three days where [Read More...]

Worth It

There are some things my children do that really test the limits of my love. Sienna, for instance, is a world-class pouter/stomper/door slammer. She can stick out that lip and stomp off to her room and our friends at the end of the street will hear the door slam. It’s really difficult for me not [Read More...]

A Little Bit of Hope, A Lot of Musing

I have received 130 comments on my Fear, Prayer post, dozens of personal emails, and several facebook messages. I’m honestly overwhelmed by the response that post generated. With very few exceptions, the comments and emails were deeply compassionate. Even those who urged me to reconsider birth control were written with such obvious love and sympathy [Read More...]

Fear, Prayer

This weekend I drove into Naples, to a parish I’d never been to before, for an intentionally anonymous confession. I knew it would be a rough confession, and I preferred to seek out the comfort of strangers rather than the well-meaning concern of friends and neighbors here in Ave Maria. It was indeed comforting to [Read More...]

Monday Funday

It’s freaking Monday, again. And like all Mondays, this one is exceptional. Just now, a stranger rang the doorbell two seconds after Lincoln fell asleep and not one, but two children streaked past me to open the door. I didn’t notice until they came to a halt with the door wide open how apt the [Read More...]

Labor and Deliverance

On the morning that Lincoln was born, the Ogre and I headed out to Naples at 7:15. We were quiet in the car. He was tired from the long night that we had had the night before. I was tired, too, but running on adrenaline. I was excited, and nervous, but mostly I was trying [Read More...]

Shell-Shocked and Sleep-Deprived

Dudes. I am shell-shocked. And sorry I’ve been so MIA, but mostly shell-shocked. Newborns trick you in the first week of their wee little lives. They’re all sweet and cozy and sleepy and delicious-smelling, and they eat well and sleep well and their tiny faces are beautiful and everyone is peaceful and loving. And then [Read More...]

Newborn Daze

(No kidding, that awful pun of a title is the best I can come up with right now. I can feel my blog being ashamed of itself and trying to hide its face on the landing page. Sorry, blog. I’ll make it up to you when I can think again.) Things I’ve been busy doing: [Read More...]