Shell-Shocked and Sleep-Deprived

Dudes. I am shell-shocked. And sorry I’ve been so MIA, but mostly shell-shocked. Newborns trick you in the first week of their wee little lives. They’re all sweet and cozy and sleepy and delicious-smelling, and they eat well and sleep well and their tiny faces are beautiful and everyone is peaceful and loving. And then [Read More...]

Newborn Daze

(No kidding, that awful pun of a title is the best I can come up with right now. I can feel my blog being ashamed of itself and trying to hide its face on the landing page. Sorry, blog. I’ll make it up to you when I can think again.) Things I’ve been busy doing: [Read More...]


I keep trying to write the Pitocin/birth/black-out story but every time I sit down I fall asleep. No joke. We were in the hospital an extra day because Lincoln was jaundiced, and the phototherapy lights required a rigid schedule of nursing with pumping in between, plus tons of discussions with the nurses and doctors, so [Read More...]

It’s a Baby!

Aren’t you relieved? I know I am. I always get a little antsy during those last weeks of pregnancy, when I feel increasingly like a character in a Ridley Scott movie and the baby seems to be kicking me with twelve arms and legs, that the delivery room is going to be like this scene [Read More...]