7 Quick Takes Friday! (With Zombies and Girl Power)

It’s been twelve kinds of too long since I linked up with Jen for quick takes, so yay! #7 I have no idea if that phrase, “twelve kinds of too long”, is a legit phrase or not. I’ve never heard it. But I wrote it, and I like it, and I shall use it. #6 [Read More...]

7 Quick Takes Friday!

Yay! I haven’t joined Jen for quick takes in several weeks, and when I realized this morning that it’s Friday I did an embarrassing little shuffle-dance over to the computer to whip up some quick takes. Of course, that was half an hour ago, because as soon as my rear hit the chair Sienna decided [Read More...]

Fourteen Quick Takes Tuesday

We are finally home. Against all odds, we got on a plane in iced-out DFW yesterday, spent way too long in the air, stopped at Trader Joe’s for groceries and wine, and then walked into our beautiful, beautiful apartment. I cried. We’ve been gone for a month, and I’ve never been so happy to see [Read More...]

7 Quick Takes Friday! The Collegiate Edition

Wow, am I running late today. I spent most of the morning driving around with my adorable, freezing children who have forgotten what life is like outside the desert. It was a frigid 40 degrees in Dallas today, and we wandered up to our alma mater to pay the place, and our old professors, a [Read More...]

7 Quick Takes Friday!

Well, this week I was going to do a post on the 7 creepiest Christmas songs, but JoAnna totally stole my idea. Right out of my head. And, I daresay, she probably did a better job with it than I would have, so I’ll just give you the highlight of my would-have-been post in one [Read More...]

7 Quick Takes Friday: The Nonsensical Sleep-Deprived Edition!

Oy. Last night, something terrible happened: two of my children refused to sleep. All night long. And in a novel turn of events, instead of punching the Ogre in the arm until he got up and dealt with said offspring, I got up myself. The baby was sleeping peacefully, the Ogre was sleeping peacefully, and [Read More...]

7 Quick Takes Friday: The Breast is Best Edition

The last two weeks have been, in the words of my brother’s generation, an EPIC FAIL. Not only am I still flipping sick, but in a seriously misguided and ill-judged attempt to stretch the meager food left in our fridge so I can use this week’s grocery  money for next week’s Thanksgiving feast, I made [Read More...]

7 Quick Takes Friday: The Flu Edition

I’m feeling dull and still flu-ish, though thankfully the vomiting has stopped, so these might be dull and flu-ish as well. Sorry. #7 The Plague I’m not so sure that reading Connie Willis’ Doomsday Book was really a good idea for me. I have a horribly overactive imagination, particularly when it comes to my children, [Read More...]

7 Quick Takes Friday: The Political Rant Edition

Every election week is annoying. This one is even more so. I have, in fact, been so irritated all week by obnoxious people lacking any sense of common decency that today I’m going to use my blog as a platform to rant. Feel free to click away; I promise it won’t hurt my feelings. Without [Read More...]

7 Quick Takes Friday!

Happy Friday before Halloween! I’m inordinately excited about this Halloween because we’ve banned sugar from the house…but of course that rule won’t apply to Halloween candy collected by earnest, hard-working little costumed beggars. From whom I will steal. Yay, candy! I’m actually having visions of mellowcreme pumpkins lure me to sleep at night. Yum. Sunday [Read More...]