Love (the Gay and Catholic way)

Here’s the thing about Eve Tushnet — she’s Catholic through and through, in a way that I only long (and sometimes pretend) to be. When I read her posts about sublimation and obedience, I am equal parts inspired and ashamed. I’m inspired because she’s taken her faith and woven a life of such beauty with [Read More...]

Late to Love and Audio Divina

Sam Rocha sent me an advance copy of Late to Love at the beginning of August. Unlike 99% of reviews I write, this one is not shamefully late because I totally forgot about the review material until I unearthed it from a stack of mail I had been carefully avoiding. I stuck the cd in [Read More...]

Giving the Truth a Level Playing Field

I recently got an advance copy of Patrick Madrid’s book Why Be Catholic?, and was supposed to read and review it the day before or the day it came out. It was released June 3, so I get to start this review by apologizing to Patrick for being so lame about getting it written. I’d [Read More...]