A Little Bit of Hope, A Lot of Musing

I have received 130 comments on my Fear, Prayer post, dozens of personal emails, and several facebook messages. I’m honestly overwhelmed by the response that post generated. With very few exceptions, the comments and emails were deeply compassionate. Even those who urged me to reconsider birth control were written with such obvious love and sympathy [Read More...]

Fear, Prayer

This weekend I drove into Naples, to a parish I’d never been to before, for an intentionally anonymous confession. I knew it would be a rough confession, and I preferred to seek out the comfort of strangers rather than the well-meaning concern of friends and neighbors here in Ave Maria. It was indeed comforting to [Read More...]

Now I Know In Part (Re-run)

I’m going to spend the day outside in the sunshine with my husband and kids, but I thought I would put up a re-run of one of my favorite posts. It’s a particularly appropriate way to end this week. Yesterday, my kids and I went with my parents and my sister to the state fair. [Read More...]

Of All Things Visible and Invisible

I’m over at The Wine-Dark Sea today, musing about the line “of all things visible and invisible” in the Creed. It’s part of Melanie’s brilliant blogging through the Creed series for the Year of Faith. Click over there if you can, and read the rest of the posts she has up in this series while [Read More...]

Let Me Count the Ways

This morning, the Ogre and I took the littlest minions down to the parish office to set a date for Lincoln’s baptism. That meant one terrible thing: I had to get dressed. Any occasion in the first few weeks post-partum that requires me to wear more than yoga pants and a t-shirt is invariably greeted [Read More...]