Sunday Smorgasbord

So as a direct result of some seriously weird dreams I had last night, I woke up this morning and went searching to see if my Favorite TV Show Of All Time was on Netflix Watch Instantly. I figured it wasn’t, since, objectively speaking, it’s the most ludicrous television show ever to grace the small [Read More...]

Monday Funday

It’s freaking Monday, again. And like all Mondays, this one is exceptional. Just now, a stranger rang the doorbell two seconds after Lincoln fell asleep and not one, but two children streaked past me to open the door. I didn’t notice until they came to a halt with the door wide open how apt the [Read More...]

7 Quick Takes Friday!

#7 I’m relieved that it’s Friday. I’m happy to get back to quick takes after the intensity of yesterday’s post and the combox discussion. I really appreciated the civil and downright pleasant conversation I had with Kaoru, but other people…not so much. I’m not much of a current events blogger, unlike The Anchoress, and enduring [Read More...]

Shell-Shocked and Sleep-Deprived

Dudes. I am shell-shocked. And sorry I’ve been so MIA, but mostly shell-shocked. Newborns trick you in the first week of their wee little lives. They’re all sweet and cozy and sleepy and delicious-smelling, and they eat well and sleep well and their tiny faces are beautiful and everyone is peaceful and loving. And then [Read More...]

Last-Trimester Pregnacy Woes, or, Poor Me, or, Won’t Someone Come Clean My House for Me?

I couldn’t decide which title most appropriately conveyed just how pathetic I really am. So I picked all three. A few posts ago, Smoochagator, one of my favorite commenters with whom I’ve developed that weird “I feel like we’re friends even though I’ve never met you” rapport so unique to the blogosophere, asked when I [Read More...]