Monday Funday

It’s freaking Monday, again. And like all Mondays, this one is exceptional. Just now, a stranger rang the doorbell two seconds after Lincoln fell asleep and not one, but two children streaked past me to open the door. I didn’t notice until they came to a halt with the door wide open how apt the [Read More...]

The Slow Burn

I got a few interested responses to yesterday’s post, so I’ve decided to continue random musings on the subject with fixed posts at the beginning and end of each month. I’m going to call the series The Slow Burn, because I like it. At the end of the month I’ll just re-cap how the month [Read More...]

Slow and Steady

  I skipped running yesterday. I have a slight cold, and usually my asthma flares up when I have a cold, and I didn’t want to deal with a flare-up so I didn’t run. I got back on the horse this morning, though, and went for a quick walk/jog after I walked Sienna to school. [Read More...]

Let Me Count the Ways

This morning, the Ogre and I took the littlest minions down to the parish office to set a date for Lincoln’s baptism. That meant one terrible thing: I had to get dressed. Any occasion in the first few weeks post-partum that requires me to wear more than yoga pants and a t-shirt is invariably greeted [Read More...]