Pagan Children: Mine and my pathway

I am the only pagan in my family with my husband being probably what you would term an atheist (unless you count the faith of rock n roll). We made a conscious effort to have never preached or led our children on a particular religious pathway of any kind…however… [Read more…]

Behind the scenes: An open ritual

My coven holds open rituals on a regular basis so I thought I would share how we put the open rituals together and what goes on behind the scenes. It does take an awful lot of preparation and organisation… [Read more…]

The electronic pagan and the book witch

There are many forms of learning available: I started as a book witch, progressed to an electronic one and then went out into the ‘real’ world – each experience was different but none more important than the other. [Read more…]

Gods & Goddesses colouring book…get yer crayons out

Publisher to me: Would your daughter be interested in doing the artwork for a gods & goddesses colouring book?
There followed a quick family meeting with discussions about having to get all the considerable amount of drawings done in the school summer holidays so it didn’t interfere with GCSE work…
Us to publisher: Of course… [Read more…]

Kitchen Witchcraft: Your sacred kitchen & Snow White

So you might see the kitchen as a wonderful creative space or you might loathe it completely and only ever use the microwave (gasp). But it is still a kitchen; it is still a space that you have to make food in. So how about making it a magical space? [Read more…]

Witchcraft: Faith, religion or practice?

I know some camps believe Paganism to be the religion and Witchcraft to be the practice but personally I believe that being a witch is my faith, my religion and what I practice. [Read more…]

The sound of silence…or noise

Sounds provoke all kinds of emotions and feelings but they also inspire magic and can be used to raise energy.
There will always be particular sounds that you associate with a memory, person or place and these can be incredibly powerful. [Read more…]

My definition of Deity…how I see it

Deity…The definition of the word Deity in the dictionary is: A god or goddess. Divine character or nature, especially that of the Supreme Being; divinity. The estate or rank of a god: The king attained deity after his death. A person or thing revered as a god or goddess The Deity, God; Supreme Being. Within [Read More…]

Falling off the wheel: Menopausal Mother Nature

I find myself again struggling with the winter solstice – not because I want to argue with the planetary alignment (I wouldn’t dare, they are much bigger than me…) but because of the mad weather in the UK. [Read more…]

To witchy wear or not to witchy wear…

Having been through many wardrobe changes in my life; hey I was a teenager in the 80s complete with ra ra skirts, pixie boots and neon leg warmers (oh how I wish it were still the 80s…) but my dress sense has changed over the years depending on my age, where I was working and what I was doing at the time. [Read more…]