Why Am I a Witch? And Not Something Else?

Why am I a witch and not something else? There are many factors involved and only a small part of it is cake… [Read more…]

Medicine bags and mojo bags: Magic in a pouch

A medicine bag contains items that are charged with your intent and each item is a guide for the spirits/divine/deity to help them understand what the outcome you desire is. Your medicine bag once it is put together is essentially ‘alive’ with energy and it will need to be looked after and can be ‘fed’ with magic powder. [Read more…]

Riding the Hearth…not the hedge

What happens when your years of hedge riding hit a block? You go back to the drawing board and start again, finding a way that works for you… [Read more…]

Make it personal…bodily ingredients in magic

Now this is a subject that you will either find absolutely fascinating or you will skip quickly past this and either is absolutely OK, it is your pathway, your journey and therefore your choice about what you include or don’t but here it is just in case… Your body is the vessel that carries the magic, the energy and the intent but it is also very unique and individual to you. So, if you want to add the personal touch to any working you can literally add a bit of yourself into it. Or a bit of someone else… [Read more…]

The Magic of May and Beltane

Working with the magic of May and the fiery, passionate energy it brings. Goddesses, spell work and magic to inspire your Beltane endeavours. [Read more…]

Sign the magic with your own name

How do you make magic? Do you follow recipes, spells and ritual instructions written by others to the letter…or do you make your own tweaks to it or do you just ‘do your own thing’ completely? [Read more…]

Rainbows: Working with the beautiful magic of nature

So, rainbows bring the magic of water, sunlight and colour. The rainbow usually appears after the rain so it brings hope, promise and healing. As it is a combination of water and sun energy I think it also works on our emotional level too. The rainbow also appears to be a connection between the earth and the skies or the divine so it works well for spirit or deity magic too. [Read more…]