Where do you work your magic, spells and charms?

Where do you work your magic? In my very humble opinion and based on many years of working spells I firmly believe that the setting is not as important as the will and the intent. Not everyone has the luxury of space to set up grand magical workings and not everyone can do so or would want to in front of others in a shared house. [Read more…]

Magical food for intent; get your magical foodie on

Foods can be used for their specific intent, we have all heard about the aphrodisiac power of oysters and the healing powers of homemade chicken soup, but you can add your own intent to any of your cooking. [Read more…]

Cooking with the Moon phases

The power of the moon is incredibly strong and affects our moods and emotions. And most of us will be used to working with the cycles of the moon rather than against them, going with the flow so to speak can make our lives much easier. We can also tailor the foods we eat to the phases of the moon to tap into that power and to work with the rhythm of our bodies and emotions too. [Read more…]

Kitchen Witchcraft: The magic in your cupboards

The Kitchen Witch in me drives my intuition and I am a great believer in listening to it especially when I am working magic. I don’t want to use expensive exotic ingredients that have to be shipped from the other side of the world, I am happier using things that I have grown myself or items that I already have to hand. Magical ingredients should not cost lots of money (in my humble opinion). Every single item of food, ingredient you use in the kitchen along with all the herbs and spices has magical energy. [Read more…]

Kitchen Witchcraft: Cooking up some magic & your next steps

OK so you are rocking your ‘kitchen witch’ apron, your kitchen is all tidy, and your altar is all pretty, then what? Even the most domesticated goddess won’t feel like cooking every single day, so just give yourself a few moments before you start to get yourself in the right frame of mind, stand in front of your altar or your goddess picture/statue and calm, centre and ground yourself. [Read more…]

Kitchen Witchcraft: A Kitchen Altar & witchy workings in the Kitchen

I think having an altar in your kitchen gives it a focal point; it doesn’t have to be big. I have a small green man shelf and on top of that I have a tiny vase (it is actually a small candle holder) that I put a fresh flower in regularly, and it has representations of the elements – a shell, a feather, a red crystal and a pebble. [Read more…]

Kitchen Witchcraft: Your sacred kitchen & Snow White

So you might see the kitchen as a wonderful creative space or you might loathe it completely and only ever use the microwave (gasp). But it is still a kitchen; it is still a space that you have to make food in. So how about making it a magical space? [Read more…]