Why Am I a Witch? And Not Something Else?

Why am I a witch and not something else? There are many factors involved and only a small part of it is cake… [Read more…]

How I Found Paganism; From a Kitchen Witch

The question posed was ‘how did you find paganism’? Well I guess to be honest it found me…and it was witchcraft in particular. [Read more…]

The Magic of May and Beltane

Working with the magic of May and the fiery, passionate energy it brings. Goddesses, spell work and magic to inspire your Beltane endeavours. [Read more…]

The electronic pagan and the book witch

There are many forms of learning available: I started as a book witch, progressed to an electronic one and then went out into the ‘real’ world – each experience was different but none more important than the other. [Read more…]

What’s your label and where do you fit?

Do you label who you are?
When I give a talk or introduce myself I usually feel the necessity to give myself a label to let people know what ‘branch’ of paganism I follow but it can be difficult to pin point it. I then question why I feel the need to put myself in a neat little box with a precise label on because I generally fight against being compartmentalised…and I think it is a combination of several things: [Read more…]

Moon Magic…the beginnings

Since man has walked on this planet I suspect he has always looked to the stars at night and it wouldn’t have taken him very long to work out that the moon had regular phases. Not only would man have worked with the seasons but he would also have had to pay attention to the moon because on a dark/new moon it would have been pretty black at night so his hunting would have been done during the day, however on the nights of the full moon he would have been able to track nocturnal animals to bop on the head for his supper.
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