BoM Gospel Doctrine Lesson 4: 1 Nephi 13-14

School has begun, and I'm swamped. Buckets of reading and writing, and trying to finish past projects in order to focus on the new stuff.For those of you who are new to the blog (and the stats suggest there are a few), check out my suggested reading list on the Book of Mormon.Nephi's vision seems at times to border on the genre of apocalyptic, which I talked about in the first post on Revelation. This is important to recognize, because it should inform how we understand parts of it. … [Read more...]

BoM Gospel Doctrine Lesson 3: 1 Nephi 8-12, 15

First, although this lesson terminates in chapter 15, next week's Lesson 4 doubles back to cover 1Ne 13-14. That's a bit of an artificial division, breaking up a natural unit, since Nephi's vision begins in chapter 11. I've been a bit slow getting this post up, due to a surprise funeral, followed by a surprise cross-country drive. What writing I did do was all about chapters 13-14, until I discovered and pointed out the lesson backtracking online. Two other teachers said "oops, time to revise t … [Read more...]

BoM Gospel Doctrine Lesson 2: 1 Nephi 1-7

These are the most familiar chapters to any Mormon, and I've literally spent weeks on them in Institute, going slowly. I'd wager many of us could recite 1 Nephi 1:1 from memory, and a good number of us in our mission language; not from trying to memorize it, just from having read it so much. Familiarity does not necessarily mean understanding, though. The following questions appear unrelated, but are clues to what's going in in the initial chapters and indeed, all of 1-2 Nephi.When we hear … [Read more...]

Me, the Blog, and Book of Mormon Gospel Doctrine Lesson 1: Changes!

In the coming year, I plan to put up a Gospel Doctrine post each week as I have in the past. Well, kind of. Out of necessity, they're going to be shorter and more focused, perhaps with longer biography and links. The blog will also be broadening somewhat, beyond the Gospel Doctrine lessons, in the sense that posts I might have written elsewhere will be posted here.I'll be cutting my online time drastically to focus on reading, writing, and working on a PhD at Claremont in History of Religion … [Read more...]

Gospel Doctrine 2016- Recommended Resources for the Book of Mormon

I promised, so here they are. Go read and comment on my post at TimesandSeasons.Lastly, as always, you can support this site and my research by making Amazon purchases through this link, or the Support My Research links at the bottom of the About page. You can get updates by email whenever a post goes up (subscription box on the right). If you friend me on Facebook, please drop me a note telling me you’re a reader. … [Read more...]

New Testament Gospel Doctrine Lesson 46: Revelation 5-6, 19-22 (draft)

Well, the end is upon us. It's the end of the world/New Testament as we know it, and I feel fine.Sometime in the next week, I'll be putting up a post about what to read for the Book of Mormon, as I did for the New Testament and Old Testament. I'll also have a significant announcement about me and the blog, but right now, I do plan on doing regular, but short Book of Mormon posts, to start before the new year, so I'm ahead of things.Today's chapters... today's chapters, well. Let's be … [Read more...]

New Testament Gospel Doctrine Lesson 45: Revelation 1-2, 12

The final book! We’ve almost made it through! The end is nigh! First, a note on names. This is the book of Revelation (singular) not the book of RevelationS (plural.) It’s a really common mistake in Hollywood and elsewhere, like the "books of the Bible" tie I have. (Ok, mine isn't pictured. But Revelation is misspelled on my tie and it irks me.) The title Revelation comes from Rev 1:1, with that ambiguous “of” preposition. “The revelation of Jesus” can mean “a revelation that is about Jesus,” “a … [Read more...]

NT Gospel Doctrine Lesson 44: 1-3 John

1 John opens reminiscent of both the Gospel of John (thematically) and Luke/Acts (in contrast). That is, the vocabulary and ideas resemble John (the Word of life made visible, eternal life). But the point-of-view contrasts Luke. Whereas Luke says he had to investigate and talk to witness, because he wasn't a firsthand eyewitness himself, 1Jo 1:1 and 1Jo 1:3 strongly imply the opposite for the author (authors?) of 1 John. Note the plural "we" there, present from the first verses onwards. Is this a … [Read more...]