Fall Forward


The weak autumn sun
Not warming the air,
Slowly climbed up the sky
Not seeming to try.

Ascendancy now
In the hands of the wind
That would dictate the day
That would blow things away.

The leaves had surrendered
And swirled to the ground
Not clinging to trees
Obeying the breeze.

The grass was all frosted
Like icing on cake
Which crumpled when crushed
Which gave up and hushed.

Perhaps Nature’s stored up
Memory of spring
Allowed it to go
As if dying to know

The next chapter of life
Beyond rest and rebirth
Beyond disease and decay
Beyond going away.

Whatever the story
The wind seemed to whisper
I lacked understanding
It’s tongue too demanding.

A silent sentinel
The constant outsider
I observed from a far
And asked who we are.

If ‘quintessence of dust’
Then why still tone deaf
To Nature’s swan song
No sense I belong.

A little lower than angels
A little higher than apes
Less lasting than trees
More buzz than the bees?

Not nature’s offspring
Not dust in the wind
Not made for an minute
Not trapped within it.

New creatures, old earth
God’s image, Word’s worth
Embodying his glory
Retelling his story.

Don’t fall back on Nature
Fall Forward like Him
Beyond Shadow’s death knell
Beyond Fall’s farewell.

Oct. 4th, 2014

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