The Leader of the Pack—- J.I. Packer

Here is a nice tribute from my friend Timothy George to J.I. Packer, with whom I once took a course on the Holy Spirit at GCTS, and whom, hilariously one day came into class on the run, being late, saying 'I've just been held up by the hunt. I didn't know you had the hunt' referring to the chasing of the fox in S. Hamilton Massachusetts by the Hunt Club, who even had installed a horse high button to stop the traffic at a light so the fox, the hounds, and the horses could continue the chase … [Read more...]

The Kindness and Severity of God– A Sermon by CKB

“THE KINDNESS AND SEVERITY OF GOD”—ROMANS 11.22 [Preached four times from 12/21/82 at St. Chads College, Durham to Bishop Auckland 8/2/87]You heard these words when they were read a few minutes ago from the Epistle. Whether you found them familiar or not, I am not so sure, unless indeed you are a theologian with Romans as a set text. I doubt whether even with theologians it is a popular text. It has perhaps some of the virtues but all of the unattractiveness of a cold shower, and it is p … [Read more...]

The Clash of the Helmets

We are in the throes of football season, and one new feature of what we see weekly whether in college or Pro football is--- 'the concussion protocol'. While I would say this is a good thing in itself, if we were really serious about taking serious the data surfaced by the movie 'Concussion' and many medical studies, if concern for the health of the player was paramount, not secondary to all else that happens on the playing field, then it is time to stop the madness by one simple change---- take … [Read more...]

Quote of the Day from CKB

I never know quite what to say when I’m talking sometimes to people who have lost a loved one and they say ‘well it was God’s will’, when sometimes I know that to be an errant blasphemy on the love not to say the common sense of God. Much of the suffering of life is due to human sin and to say that it is God’s will is just a lie. Of course it is not (to take just the most obvious example) God's will that so many of the best young men should be dying in the war today[this was written in 1944]. Bu … [Read more...]

Quote of the Day from CKB

"Elsewhere in this letter Paul says ‘all things are lawful for me; but I shall not let myself fall into the power of any of them.’ Here is the first clue. God has given us—most of us—a rich wealth of possibilities. There is human love to enjoy, loving and being loved. There is the realm of things, things that can be bought and sold in the process of which we increase our wealth and multiply our resources. There is the world—so full (if I may quote another source) ‘of a number of things, I’m s … [Read more...]

The Killing Frost

I must confess trepidation, When Fall begins to fall, Do we count the cost Of the killing frost, Or do we revel in the riot Of restless red leaves?A chill falls on the fairway, Your breath hangs in the air, But shall I celebrate the denouement Or should I even care? For the killing frost is inevitable Silently slaying summer.It’s one thing to age in a cycle And bounce right back in the Spring But alas that’s the story of Nature But not of everything. For hum … [Read more...]

Quote of the Day from CKB

When people are troubled, there is always hope. I will tell you how I have seen that happen. I have seen people begin their studies in a severe self-confidence, a far greater confidence that they have settled the problems of theology than I dare admit. And I have no hope of their learning anything worth learning until they begin to be troubled, to see that the ocean of truth is a bigger thing than the parish pool they thought of. Bishop Westcott was once asked why there is in the Prayer Book … [Read more...]

Hillary vs. Trump—- ‘Say It Isn’t SO!!!!’ … [Read more...]

Take Me Home Country Roads– Country Crafts and Bridges

On Sunday we had some time off from all that academic stuff, and decided to take a ride to the edge of Maryland where there was a Mennonite restaurant and craft village plus a historic bridge of interest. Let's start with the bridgeThis bridge is from the 18th century and is of some significance as Washington and General Braddock seem to have crossed the river here. But there is far more to see than an interesting bridge. They have moved 18th and 19th century log cabins here from … [Read more...]