The Ignorance of the Media about Religion

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Here is a helpful post by Larry Hurtado with link to an even more helpful survey of the media's general ignorance of religion among other things. Religion in the News Media by larry hurtadoA recently-published survey of American views on the reporting about religion in the news media is very interesting. Here's the link to the survey: are a number of interesting findings in the 40-page survey, among them the … [Read more...]

Annual Conference Teaching


Here is a link to the two teaching sessions I did at the South Alabama West Florida Annual Conference Sessions in June. Note that you have to first click on this link and then look for the two links to my Bible Studies on Monday and Tuesday mornings. … [Read more...]

Ice Age IV– Cartoon Drift


Drat that Scrat, in his eternal search for the perfect acorn, he causes a whole lot of unintended trouble, in this case Continental Drift itself. Who knew? And who knew that there was somewhere out there a Scratlantis as well? These and other revelations are unveiled before our not so 3D eyes in this latest one hour and 34 minute extended cartoon, which I saw in Real 3D (causing Scrat's already long snout to become like Pinocchio's).However, before we say something about that, what … [Read more...]

Uncle Drew– a Basketball Fantasy … [Read more...]

Loving like Cats and Dogs

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Hamlet and Paul


It is the thesis of Kenneth Craven in his interesting book, Hamlet of Morningside Heights which is one part autobiography and one part analysis of Hamlet, that Paul's Letter to the Romans stands behind a good deal of what is happening in Hamlet, perhaps most particularly Romans 12-13 stands behind the soliloquys of Polonius and Hamlet.The essence of the argument is that Hamlet on the one hand represents the traditional Christian ethic, love thy neighbor, whereas Polonius represents the … [Read more...]

What Is a Classic?


In his important essay presented to the Virgil Society in 1947 in London, T.S. Eliot attempts to nail down what makes a classic work of literature a classic. It's actually not that easy to do. I am reminded of the comment by Ben Jonson about his contemporary's plays (i.e. Shakespeare). He says they were "not of an age, but for all time". I tend to agree. A piece of literature say, like Virgil's Aeneid, or Dante's Divine Comedy or the Bible or Shakespeare that speaks to any and every age … [Read more...]

The Hobbits are Coming— December 14th … [Read more...]

Hurtado on Boyarin and the Jewish Gospels


Schafer’s Review of Boyarin’s “The Jewish Gospels” by larry hurtadoOne of my newly-finished PhD students alerted me to the recent review of a new book by Daniel Boyarin, The Jewish Gospels: The Story of the Jewish Christ (New Press, 2012), the review by the eminent scholar, Peter Schafer, in The New Republic 18 May.'s review seems to me very well informed, and his rather devastating cr … [Read more...]