Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (Hint: at the movies) is a classic problem for someone who has created a cult following with a series of fantasy novels and then very successful films---- How do you top that? So authors do not try, and some change the subject. J.K. Rowling decided to tell a collateral and related story to the Harry Potter stories, about a man named Newt Scamander, once expelled from Hogwarts but one of Dumbledore's favorites. Smartly, while the story is still set in a … [Read more...]

What’s a Matter U?

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‘Arrival’— A Departure are of course various first contact sorts of sci fi movies. Think 'Close Encounters of the Spielberg Kind'. This one is however very different. The aliens this time do not know how to speak in human languages, and yet they need something from the human race---- but what? Enter a linguist named Louise, played brilliantly by Amy Adams. No she is not fluent in 'alienese', but as a linguist she … [Read more...]


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A Thanksgiving Offering— from CKB

“HOSEA”--- HOSEA 1 AND 3 [Preached thirty times from 1/9/44 at Bondgate, Darlington to 11/24/02 at Shiney Row]The story of Hosea is well-known. I almost said too well know. It is so familiar that we fail to ask ourselves whether we should have been likely to act as Hosea did, and to see what the prophet makes of his tale. We take it for granted that because it is in the Bible it must be ordinary, commonplace, tame, whereas the case is, as usual, precisely the opposite. You can generally be … [Read more...]

The Meaning of Life, according to CKB

What is your life for? The only answer is that your life is to be integrated into the meaning of all life, and the meaning of all life is Christ. Behind all your suffering is the agony of the Son of Man. Beyond your sin is sin-bearing love that will not let you go, and every fragmentary good, every virtue we possess, is his alone. It is like the reconciliation of fiction and autobiography. In fiction, the author’s purposes prevail; it is his book. Events happen as he decides they shall happen. … [Read more...]

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Can Christians Commit Apostasy? — CKB Weighs in

The real grieving figure is that of the thousands who have simply ‘ceased to be members’. Some people say they are small loss; they can never have been really whole-hearted members. I do not believe it. Of course they were not perfect, but neither were they hypocrites. They have lost a faith which once they had, and, for this is the main point, that is something that in the future might happen to any of us. You cannot ever become so good a Christian as to be secure, beyond all fear of fal … [Read more...]

Quote of the Day from CKB

Death is not merely an end that hovers over us, with which someday we shall have to reckon. The breath of corruption taints life now. The life most of us live now is lived at ‘a poor dying rate’. It is not by any means complete or satisfactory life. It hasn’t enough depth, enough happiness, enough sanity, enough power. It may be respectable. It may even be ethically good (like St. Paul’s as a Pharisee), but that is not enough. I often pass a butcher’s shop in Leeds as I ride on the train. … [Read more...]