Did the Gospel Writers View Jesus as Divine?– Richard Hays

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A Conversation with N.T. Wright and Richard Hays

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Can we Still Endorse the Ethics of the NT?

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Isaiah Old and New

This volume will come out in February of 2017 from Fortress and at a reasonable price considering its a big book, dealing with all the crucial Isaianic material that shows up in the NT in so many places. You'll get help both with the OT and the NT exegesis in this volume, and on the issue of the relationship between the testaments, and Biblical theology. … [Read more...]

Quote of the Day from CKB

As some of you know, I am transcribing C.K. Barrett's sermons for publication next year, and there is some unbelievably rich material in these sermons. They are unlike many of the Methodist and Biblical sermons I have ever heard or read, in the degree of their insight and profundity. Here is a quote for today."I see a good deal of the intellectual side of Christianity, and I do my best to practice it; but I begin to suspect that one of the main reasons why Christians cut so little ice … [Read more...]

Deep Water Horizon— Troubled Waters

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S-UPJyEHmM0I'm not a big fan of disaster movies, with rare exceptions (e.g. Titanic, Poseidon Adventure). This movie is another one of those rare exceptions. It is excellent from stem to stern, or port to bow, or front to back. The acting is excellent, the story is believable, the disaster was real, and the consequences catastrophic. If you ever had a doubt about what a disaster fossil fuel (aka oil) drilling can be, watch this movie, or just ask a lot of … [Read more...]

My Talk at Southeastern Baptist

http://intersectproject.org/faith-and-work/ben-witherington-do-we-think-theologically-and-ethically-about-our-work/ … [Read more...]

The Moral Argument for the Existence of God

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A Visit to UNC and an Old Friend

Ah, real libraries. They appear to be endangered species the way people are reading less and less real books, as in the kinds that sit on shelves in libraries. The kind where you have actual knowledgeable librarians, and don't assume you know everything because you can browse it on the internet. Well the picture above is the Louis Round Wilson library on the campus of UNC, and I am proud to say, he was a relative of mine--- we called him Uncle Louie, and he single-handedly brought that library … [Read more...]