The Alan Parson’s Project— LIVE in Madrid (2004)

Here was, and is, one of the most interesting and progressive largely instrumental rock bands who made tons of familiar tunes (some of which showed up in films, commercials etc.).... Check it out... … [Read more...]

What is an Apostle? … [Read more...]

Intimations of Immortality

I listened for the Muse, But only heard her hum…. Hoping for the lost chord All I got was a strum…Inspiration is not a sensation Nor is it a thought, It’s a movement of the Spirit That can’t be conjured or boughtCreation is not contrivance Nor is art mere artifice It requires a higher power To break the mental ice…[So the warship of words Can sail thru once or twice…]Words are not like paints That dry and become set Mad Picasso raided the Louvre Muttering ‘I’m not do … [Read more...]

The Importance of Seminary Education— GCTS in the Late 70s … [Read more...]

Colbert’s New Waffle House Song … [Read more...]

The Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes— The Grimswell Curse

In 2013 Sam Siciliano published 'The Grimswell Curse' a precursor, as it turns out to his 'The White'. The relationship between these two novels is rather like the relationship between John the Baptist and Jesus. There are some differences, but the story lines are also remarkably similar in various respects. In both novels we have a Damsel in distress who needs to be rescued from a rapacious relative, an overbearing aunt of sorts, that wants the girl's fortune and house etc. The root cause of … [Read more...]

A Marvelous Civil War– Captain America balance, the Marvel franchise has done a much better job of bringing its characters to the big screen than the DC franchise. Witness the most recent attempt with a bad Batman vs. Superman movie which few praised, especially after the first 30 minutes. But there have been fair Marvel entries into the summer sweepstakes, good ones, and a few very good ones. This latest installment--- Captain America: Civil War is not very aptly named but it is … [Read more...]

Reading the Psalms with the Reformers

Here is an excellent post by my friend and colleague Timothy George, which I am reposting here. See what you think.------In the fourth century, St. Athanasius wrote a letter to a certain Marcellinus, who was likely a deacon in the church in Alexandria. During a long illness, Marcellinus had turned to the study of the Bible and was especially drawn to the Book of Psalms, striving “to comprehend the meaning contained in each psalm.” Athanasius commends this desire, claiming that the Psa … [Read more...]

Americana— The Waco Barbecue Festival

Ah, the Southern Barbecue Festival, and this one was in the back parking lot of the new Baylor Bear football stadium. Of course in Texas beef barbecue (particularly in its brisket form) is king, but in this particular contest ribs were the primary contestants. So the divine swine snuck in through the side door, so to speak. There were five contestants, two from Texas (one from Austin and one from Fort Worth), one from Arkansas, one from Chicago, and one from Nebraska. Apart from the Arkansas … [Read more...]