“If You Don’t Know Where You’re Going, Any Road Will Get You There”

Among the most frequently recited cliches of our time is "its not about the destination, its about the journey". While it may be true that when you are on vacation, it is good sometimes to have an open-ended trip and simply enjoy going and seeing what turns up, as advice for a whole life's journey this can only be called 'arsenic laced chicken soup for the soul', that allows one to forget that: 1) choices and actions always have consequences; and 2) that life is in fact teliological it has both … [Read more...]

Shocking Developments on April 1

In a totally unexpected move, President Obama yesterday nominated Senator Mitch McConnell of Kentucky to be the next Supreme Court justice on the bench. Flustered by the unexpected move, after repeatedly telling one and all that there would be no hearings in the Senate about a new Supreme Court appointment until there was a new President, McConnell in a press conference this morning reversed himself and told the world that he had changed his mind and was honored to be nominated for this august … [Read more...]

Young Rock and Pop– the Ten Best 21rst Century Albums So Far

Contrary to popular belief, it is not true either that 'rock n'roll' is dead, or that it died and was resurrection as pop/rock/country in Nashville though there is a smidgin of truth to the latter rumor.Here is a list of five rock and five pop albums that have come out since the 21rst century began in 2001 (yes it began in 2001-- with the year '1' being the beginning of any century!). I have deliberately picked albums by bands formed no earlier than the 90s, and hitting their stride in the … [Read more...]

Second Easter Meditation from Lightfoot

Here is a second paraphrase, this time of 2 Cor. 3 from Lightfoot. Reflect on it----Will it be thought that in thus contrasting ourselves with false teachers that we are beginning again to recommend ourselves (as we have been obliged necessarily to do)? Surely, no one will suppose that like certain other persons we require letters of recommendation from others to you, or from you to others. You are yourselves our letter written in our hearts (which we bear about with us not as material … [Read more...]

Easter Meditation from Lightfoot

Here is Lightfoot's wonderful paraphrastic translation of 2 Cor. 1. Reflect on this in your prayer and quiet time today and it will do you good. (BW3)Blessed is God, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the compassionate Father (the Father who bestows mercies) of all comfort, He that comforts us in all our tribulation to the end that we may be able to comfort you who are involved in every tribulation and the comfort wherewith we are comforted ourselves of God; for as the sufferings of … [Read more...]

Robert Harris’ ‘Dictator’

After writing a mesmerizing novel about Pompeii, entitled....wait for it 'Pompeii' telling the story of before and after the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius in the late first century, Robert Harris turned his attention to writing a trilogy of novels about the life and times of Rome's greatest rhetorician--- Cicero. 'Dictator' (416 pages, published in January of this year by Knopf) brings the story of Cicero's life to a tumultuous conclusion with both the assassination of Julius Caesar, and then the … [Read more...]

March Madness and Me— Theological Style

Who knew that I was part of March Madness according to Logos Software! And my goodness, why did they pit me against my personal NT hero--- that is unfair tactics. I need to have a come to Jesus meeting with the seeding committee!! … [Read more...]

Easter Meditation

A PERMANENT SOLUTIONEverything wears out, It all fades away, Even time passes Day by day.Nothing lasts, For very long, Your favorite food, Your favorite song.We grow weary, Tired of routine Let’s be honest, And just come clean.Our fear is evident That it will be true That we are not permanent Like all things new.We visit the graveyards Where our loved ones lie We wonder what it’s like To suddenly die.Is death another change Another temporary thi … [Read more...]

The Culture of Entitlement

"What starts as gratitude quickly becomes dependency and ends as entitlement."--- Cicero on the grain dole for the masses in Rome.On Easter Saturday, we take a Sabbath's rest from the Holy week contemplations to think seriously about an issue which has bedeviled America for some time. If you ask me the root of the problem comes from too much insistence on rights without an equal insistence on responsibilities, but perhaps there are many root causes. Whatever may be the case, we now live … [Read more...]