Romancing the Wind … [Read more...]

An Old Polish Legend courtesy CKB

There is an old Polish legend about a very bad old woman who died, and as you would expect, went to Hell. The story says Hell is a great deep pit, of which you can see the top from the bottom (I don’t know—haven’t been there). The old woman didn’t like it and tried to attract the attention of angels flying above at the top. One went to see what he could do. “Have you ever done a good deed?” he asks. At last she thinks of when she gave a carrot to a beggar. The angel goes away and comes back … [Read more...]

The risen Jesus is the historical Jesus— CKB

The parts of the New Testament that really prove the resurrection are not Matthew 28, Mark 16, Luke 24, and John 20.21. These are the stories of the first Easter. Of course I am not depreciating them; they are of great value. But taken in themselves and on their own, they could be wrong, they could be mistaken, they could be deliberate fiction, invented to bolster up a case. The parts of the New Testament that prove the resurrection are Matthew 1–27, Mark 1–15, Luke 1–23, and John 1–19 for … [Read more...]

Quote from CKB for April Fool’s Day

C.K. Barrett had a rapier sharp wit, when he chose to use it. Here is a quote that seemed appropriate for today, though Barrett is being perfectly serious (or as he would say 'in deadly earnest') in this quote from one of his sermons----Humans may have descended from monkeys, but they certainly have climbed higher up the tree of life than they have. We learn of some of the things that humans have lost in the course of the ages which some of the animals possess—but do you want them? An a … [Read more...]

CKB on Worship

Human beings still need God as the only possible center for a stable life. They still become like the thing they worship. Paul saw humans imaging a god in the likeness of the beasts, and so coming to have the morals of the beasts, and that would do for the mild-mannered and aesthetic cult of nature today. Those who worship sunsets will acquire just about as much stability and reality as the sunset itself. Those who worship the machine will behave like machines and have ethics like machines. … [Read more...]

CKB on Prayer

I think we have given the sentimentalists much too free a reign to ruin half of our first Christian words and phrases. Think what they have made of love— something so feeble and sugary that a preacher hesitates to use the word. Think what they have made of patience—“a little more folding of the hands to rest” (as the Bible says about something quite different). They have had at this phrase too—“thy will be done.” Such is the state of things that we begin to think of pious resignation, of fol … [Read more...]

Quote of the Day from CKB

In Jesus we know what God is like. Half the mental suffering one meets springs from wrong ideas about God. Because they have found God in themselves, or in nature, or in philosophy, as soon as suffering comes, people develop a grudge against the universe. Their God is no bigger than themselves, and they hate him and revile him, as you may, I am told, see a savage beating his idol when things have gone wrong. But we meet another God in Jesus, a God who is Master and Lord. Not that we get … [Read more...]

Quote of the Day from CKB

When people demanded a sign from Jesus he refused point blank. He refused because they were asking for something incontrovertible, something by which God would compel persons to accept Jesus as his Son, his Chosen One, something that would fetter their reason and overpower their will. And God does not go in for that kind of sign. All God’s signs are open to contradiction. So it is in the Old Testament—there is nothing compulsive in Isaiah and his children with the odd names, or in Isa … [Read more...]

Quote of the Day from CKB

For the mainstream of the world’s traffic, by now, has built a bypass around Bethlehem. It isn’t interested. It still goes to Rome. To the ideal of brute strength and vitality of empire and domination.--- C.K. Barrett … [Read more...]