Spring Snow Job

Went to Lansdale Pa. to see our son David and his wife Emily. Ended up chopping up blocks of ice with David, blocking the mail box and throwing them on a five foot high pile of ice blocks. … [Read more...]

The Whistler—- Not his Mother

What should we think of whistle blowers, in the political sense of the term? Are they the good guys or the betrayers? For example, what should we think of Chelsea/Bradley Manning or Mr. Snowden, or for that matter Julian Assange? Do they provide a useful service to a democracy of exposing corruption at high levels of government? Should we applaud? Or as they bottom feeders, scum, Judas in disguise, but in this case with diamonds?John Grisham is a master of writing thrillers, and his … [Read more...]

Paul the Apostle, His Life, Letters and Thought— Part Fifty

FINAL THOUGHTS It is the mark of an important book by a major scholar that it prompts deep thought and careful responses, even when one doesn’t agree with the author. This book does that on historical theological and ethical issues raised by Paul’s letters and thought. Ed Sander’s new large tome on Paul is well worth a slow, careful read. It makes many good points about all these things--- historical, theological, ethical. For example, Sanders is quite right that Paul is not a syste … [Read more...]

3 Critiques of Sander’s Paul Book

Reviewed by Keener, Barclay, EastmanKeener---- There are many new insights, readable, middle of the road, see Rom. 11.25-27. Clear and well organized. Critical consensus of which are genuine Pauline---7. Majority scholarly view about Paul's relation to Judaism. Best way to understand Galatians is to shout the appropriate lines loudly. His understanding of the distinctive element of Paul's faith...Christ is necessary for salvation. Says good things about Paul and women. Romans 15 … [Read more...]

Paul the Apostle, His Life, Letters and Thought—Part Forty Nine

APPENDIX II--- GALATIA P. 750—Sanders distinguishes between Galatia the region settled by Celts around Ankara, and Galatia the Roman province which extended almost from the Black Sea to the Mediterranean and encompassing several regions.p. 751--- The new Gal. province was about 420 miles north to south and included parts of regions called Pisidia and Lycaonia. Augustus based the province of the territory ruled by King Amyntas which went beyond old Galatia and included parts of P … [Read more...]

Paul the Apostle, His Life, Letters and Thought—Part Forty Eight

APPENDIX I--- HOMOSEXUALITYpp. 727-29--- During the golden age of Athens 480-350--- older male on younger male sex was idealized. The younger partner was supposed to be passive, the older active. Sex was supposed to be between the thighs, but if it was anal the boy was not supposed to like it. Boys were courted once they reached puberty, and they had guardians when they were school age. Part of the cause was exercise in the nude in the gymnasium, where boys would be sized up by older … [Read more...]

Paul the Apostle, His Life, Letters and Thought—Part Forty Seven

p. 707---- CONCLUSIONS!!Paul’s thought is mainly a response to events and issues he faced in converting gentiles. He did not construct a systematic theology “Paul did not start his career with a full set of theological dogma that he taught each church”. Sanders adds Paul is just trying to save as many people as he can, not generate dogmas to guide the church in future centuries. [While I agree he was not a systematician, I would say that he thought about many things systematically, and was … [Read more...]

Paul the Apostle, His Life, Letters and Thought—Part Forty Six

In Rom. 12.1 Sanders takes logiken to mean spiritual--- spiritual worship or service.p. 691-- Philo wrote (Spec. 1,277) “The symbolized meaning is just this and nothing else: that which is precious in the sight of God is not the number of [sacrificial] victims immolated but the true purity of a logiken [rational] spirit in him who makes the sacrifice.” The living sacrifice Paul expects has to do with their inner intention and commitment to be completely self-sacrificial in their service o … [Read more...]

Paul the Apostle, His Life, Letters and Thought—Part Forty Five

p. 662--- Spirit of God and Spirit of Christ are interchangeable. Rom. 8 is the great chapter of indwelling and participation.p. 663--- He sees no distinction between the Spirit is in the believer and Christ is except, the former phrase begins in Paul’s first letter whereas ‘Christ in you’ develops more slowly. With the terminology of indwelling comes the terminology of union conformed to the image, transform the body of our humiliation conformed in Rom. 8.29 is same word as in Phil. 3.2 … [Read more...]