Adam and the Genome— Part Seven

Let's consider for a moment Venema’s observation on p. 64---“These children descend uniquely from one man (for the Y chromosome DNA) and one woman (for their mitochondrial DNA), but from at least four ancestors for their regular chromosomal DNA.” Let’s have a conversation about Mitochondrial Eve and Y chromosome Adam and the 10,000 other ancestors for our regular DNA. I don’t see anything in Genesis 1-5 or elsewhere in the Bible which rules out such observations. Again, what the Bible is about … [Read more...]

Adam and the Genome– Part Six

I have no problems with scientists like Venema pursuing a theory as far as one can go with it. No problems with pushing the envelope to the limits of a theory to see if it still holds up. This is good and logical. What I do have a problem with is the globalizing of a theory to explain most everything when in fact it only explains some things. What I especially object to is the notion that ‘science deals with the facts as they are’ and ‘religious opinions’ do not. The notion that science someho … [Read more...]

Adam and the Genome– Part Five

Modern evolutionary science, including the science of genetics is based on the hypothesis that most if not all things can be explained in a natural way through empirical research. A theist evolutionist will simply say that evolution is the way God works things. Suppose however that God is not like a watchmaker who creates a watch, winds it up, and leaves it to the empirical parts to do their jobs their after? Suppose God is constantly involved not merely in human history but in all things … [Read more...]

Adam and the Genome– Part Four

THE VENEMA CHAPTERSChapter Two provides us with a useful analogy about the development over time incrementally of a language (e.g. the word treuth becomes truthe and then truth) and the development of a human genetic code…. While languages can change rather quickly, biological speciation and change takes place over thousands of years and herein lies another problem: 1) no one is around that long to observe the change, indeed whole civilizations rise and fall in the time it takes for even a … [Read more...]

Adam and the Genome– Part Three

The heart of the genomics and genetic case against an historical Adam and Eve seems to be that human beings today descend from an original group of about 10,000 hominids. But this is hardly a problem for those who realize that the Bible is not the story of the whole human race, it is the story of God’s chosen people who began somewhere in the Middle East, apparently in Mesopotamia, between the Tigris and the Euphrates. The Bible only mentions other races of people insofar as they come in c … [Read more...]

Adam and the Genome– Part Two

Perhaps it will be well if I first state a few personal disclaimers. I have: 1) no problem with the idea that different areas of knowledge require different methodologies to arrive at theories that explain the facts; 2) also no problem with the usual observation that the Bible is not a scientific textbook, it does not teach cosmology, biology, anthropology, geology etc. 3) no problem with the observation that a proper critique of modern science cannot rest solely on pointing out gaps in the … [Read more...]

Adam and the Genome– Part One

D.R. Venema and Scot McKnight, Adam and the Genome, (Brazos, 2017).On first blush the title of this book suggests an Indie rock band. But seriously, this is a very well researched book on genetics, and Biblical interpretation vis a vis the origins of human life, and whether or not Adam (and Eve) were historical persons. The genetics part of the book by D.R. Venema is a difficult read for those not familiar with genetics, even at the lay person’s level, whereas, Scot McKnight’s half of t … [Read more...]

The Print of the Nails— an Easter Sermon by CKB

“THE PRINT OF THE NAILS” —John 20.27 [Preached seventeen times from 4/2/72 at Langley Park to Remoder in 1994]The resurrection of Jesus Christ is the most vital of all truths. Without it, there would be no Christianity at all. But like all great Christian truths, it is a very dangerous one. As soon as you speak of justification by faith alone, someone will begin to say: “Then it doesn’t matter how I live.” And as soon as you say, “Jesus is alive, no mere figure of history but a living p … [Read more...]

Akedah— The Sacrifice

AKEDAHDid he ponder Isaac Whilst hanging on the cross A last second substitution Just before all was lost?Is this why he cried out ‘My God, My God’ so loud Showing disappointment Before a hostile crowd?Where’s God’s intervention, Offering another lamb Or would He be passed over A dangling great I AM?Abandoned but begotten Left to face his fate? Would help arrive in ‘nick of time’ Or would it come too late?Where’s the lamb, asked Isaac And told ‘God will provide’ … [Read more...]