Living ‘As if Not’ (1 Cor. 7)—- CKB

The time is limited. It is later than you think. If the passing stream of time exerts this kind of pressure on the individual, it exerts it also on the Church. How long will our opportunities last? How long, for example, shall we enjoy the favored position we have in British society? You cannot take it for granted; and if the Church is not prepared and equipped spiritually, mentally, materially to act now, tomorrow if may be too late. But I must hurry back to the main thread of what I am … [Read more...]

Memento Mori—- Thomas Oden

I have just heard the very sad news that one of the giants among Methodist scholars has gone to be with the Lord today. It was already a sad day due to the loss of John Glenn, a hero of a different sort. But Tom, whom I knew personally, was a hero of the faith. Having cut his teeth on liberal theology, a Jewish friend, colleague, and mentor told him at one point-- 'you'll never amount to much until you immerse yourself in the great wealth of the Patristic Fathers'. Tom took this to heart, and … [Read more...]

An Advent Poem— by Richard Bauckham

AdventWe long for glory.Sometimes, when horrors haunt us – the bombed hospitals, the children raped and silenced, the endless histories of hate – when horror haunts our undistracted moments, only the longing softens our hard hearts and fires concern.We long for glory, scarcely knowing what it is. We long for that supernal dawn to break wherever there is keening for the loved and lost, ending the world’s wake. We long to greet that rising sun whose rays will melt the ta … [Read more...]

Hurtado on P45

New essay on NT Papyrus “P45” by larryhurtadoToday's post brought the published version of my essay, "P45 as an Early Christian Artefact: What it Reflects about Early Christianity," which has just appeared in the Norwegian journal, Teologisk Tidsskrift 4(2016), 291-307. I presented the essay originally as part of a symposium held in August this year, celebrating the 65th birthday of Professor Reidar Hvalvik, a senior NT scholar in the Norwegian School of Theology (which I posted on ear … [Read more...]

Attention All Methodists— Quote of the Day from CKB

The following is a paragraph from a C.K. Barrett sermon on the Law of Moses delivered during Lent, 1949 which is still very much appropos for our situation today.Law of course always has this importance. It has it in Methodism. I know well the importance in Methodism of the warm heart and all that; but never forget the importance of Methodist Law and Discipline. We are witnessing a sad relaxation of Methodist Discipline in these days which is very dangerous. It would have horrified John … [Read more...]

Kevin Giles on the Trinity

The Nicene and Reformed doctrine of the Trinity. (A paper given by Kevin Giles at the plenary forum on the Trinity at the Evangelical Theological Society annual conference, 15th November, 2016 at San Antonia. The other speakers were Dr Bruce Ware, Dr Millard Erickson and Dr Wayne Grudem; Dr Sam Storms presided.) Kevin GilesThank you, Dr Storms, for your … [Read more...]

An Advent Sermon—- The Poverty of Christ, by CKB

“CHRIST’S POVERTY AND OUR WEALTH’—2 CORINTHIANS 8.9 [Preached forty-one times from 3.30.38 at Wednesbury to 8/15/99 at Harworth]Paul was announcing a Collection, and he was doing so at considerable length. There were several reasons for that. One was that Paul did not find it easy to talk about money in bald terms. He could never quite forget that he was a Roman citizen, trained in the rabbinic schools, and in early life a well-to-do man. To ask for money, even to acknowledge gifts he had … [Read more...]

The Narcissism of ‘Solitary Religion’

In an age of self-centered everything, it is not surprising that a lot of self-centered religion, and in particular self-centered Christianity has emerged. Pastors seeking to minister to people's felt needs, because of course they are the center of their own universe, rather than God being the center, has led to all sorts of slogans like 'I'm spiritual not religious' which translates as--- I don't attend religious services, I can be spiritual all by myself. C.K. Barrett and John Wesley in a … [Read more...]

CKB on Salvation

We are saved by grace, but through faith. I draw attention to the second preposition. We are sometimes inclined to talk as if human beings are saved by a religious disposition, as if the basic Christian requirement was that we should whip ourselves up into an appropriate religious emotion called faith, by which we might be saved. Nothing could be more misleading. We are not saved by anything in ourselves at all. We are saved only by the gracious activity of God. Faith is not a human mechanism … [Read more...]