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The Wonder of it All— Wonder Woman least once a summer of late, Marvel Comics has produced a giant blockbuster film that eclipses various previous box office records. Only this time, and in spite of Guardians of the Galaxy or reruns of Pirates of the Caribbean, the real eye-opener this summer seems to be Wonder Woman. While there certainly are some good female super-characters in the Marvel Universe, there is none quite like Wonder Woman, not least because, originally, and in this … [Read more...]

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Simple– A Poem

SIMPLEA simple truth A simple fact A simple compromise A simple act.A simple person A simple face A simply following A simple grace.A simple recipe A simple word A simple surrender Is that absurd?Is life that simple The path so clear, The way so plain To pain and fear?Are ethics obvious God’s face so bright That it is evident, What’s day or night?What of the tragedies When innocents die What of the times We fail to try?We glimpse the glory But sme … [Read more...]

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