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Earliest Fragment of Mark’s Gospel Apparently Found

Egyptian funerary art was highly developed by the time of the NT era. It involved both mummy masks which were painted, and even sarcophagi tops were painted, as for example in this picture which I took of a Greco-Roman person buried in Egypt according to Egyptian funerary practices, but showing his ultimate origins.Sarcophagi and mummies have proved to be goldmines when it comes to the finding of recycled papyri materials. This is what we are dealing with in this new discovery.Craig … [Read more...]

Adventures in Perfectville: Part Five

El Greco's work is unmistakable, and it is often religious, such as this very famous painting of St. Peter as a penitent......Speaking of persons that Christian art has portrayed as a penitent, there are three pictures of Mary Magdalene in this small museum. All such pictures are based on the false assumption that Mary Magdalene was the same woman as the anonymous sinner woman of Lk. 7.36-50 or the equally anonymous woman caught in adultery in Jn. 7.53-8.11. In fact Mary Magdalene's … [Read more...]

Adventures in Perfectville: Part Four

The Impressionists are of course universal favorites. Their sense of light and color are quite rightly celebrated. The Museum in San Diego has on a special exhibit a variety of works from these French masters, and their imitators. For example, here is a work by an American who studied in France during the Impressionist period....As for the real deal, here are familiar paintings, for example this one from Renoir of a Girl Combing her Hair....Here is my favorite from this particular … [Read more...]

Adventures in Perfectville: Part Three

It was billed as a tour of Biblical Art in the San Diego Art Museum. Not so much! They had almost no Biblical art (one half statue of a Pharaoh hardly counts). They did have some Renaissance and Baroque Christian themed art, and some Hindu and Buddhist art objects, but alas no Biblical art. False advertizing, but oh well. I should have realized something was likely amiss when the program book said a 'decent led tour of Biblical art' when it was supposed to say a docent led tour.....' When … [Read more...]

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The Bear Facts about Paddington wonders why in the world it took so long for Michael Bond's wonderful Paddington Bear to come to the silver screen, especially in an age when kids movies often bring in the most money (see e.g. the Lego movie etc.). Whatever the reason is, it was worth the wait. This one hour 35 minute rendering of the basic initial story about Paddington is simply 'top drawer' as the Brits would say. It leaves one clamoring for more, actually. The film … [Read more...]