Went Fishin’, Caught Four Deer

Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction, especially when you are dealing with things that go on in Alaska, 'the final frontier of America'. So a Mr. Satre went fishin... minding his own business (a story told originally to the Sitka Gazette, an Alaskan newspaper). He did not get very far out into the water, which by the way was very deep, when he saw this----Yep, that's four deer dog paddling their way straight towards the boat. They needed a ride. So Mr. Satre, being the … [Read more...]

The Saints Go Marching On—- ‘Selma’

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x6t7vVTxaicI went to see Selma today and was once again moved to some tears, though not to the degree I was when I saw Lincoln. This is a powerful, well acted film, and full marks to David Oyelowo for a brilliant job of playing MLK Jr. Tom Wilkinson's portrayal of Lyndon Johnson is excellent as well, though they get the history rather wrong in making him a reluctant supporter of King's work. While I am pointing out faults, it is most unfortunate that the … [Read more...]

Wright on Did Paul Invent Christian Theology?

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Wright, Hays, Campbell, Wagner, Eastman on Pauline Theology

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The Bible and Theology— Witherington and Halcomb

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Call Forwarding— the Tale of Moses

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One Picture is worth……..

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News Weak—- The Problems with Mr. Eichenwald’s Article

News Weak--- “The Problems with Kurt Eichenwald’s screed entitled “The Bible: So Misunderstood it’s a Sin”It is all too easy these days to bemoan Biblical illiteracy and castigate fundamentalists for their misuse of the Bible, and provide compelling evidence that in regard to both matters our culture is guilty as charged. Were that all that Kurt Eichenwald, (a writer for Vanity Fare with exactly no credentials or expertise to warrant his write an article on the Bible for a national news ma … [Read more...]