Uncommon Sense– Part Four

Our topic for this post is 'freedom of speech'. You will often hear it said "in a democracy, obviously there should be freedom of speech, it's just common sense". Yet there is not a single democracy where there are not laws limiting freedom of speech--- laws against libelous remarks, laws against hate speech, laws against verbal threats of various sorts. In other words, there are no democracies where there is an absolutely unfettered right to freedom of speech, nor should there be. While we … [Read more...]

Uncommon Sense– Part Three

"Everyone should have the right to get married, it's just common sense". I'll bet you've heard that one before. Let me just say at the outset, I'm not concerned with the whole argument over civil unions performed by a justice of the peace. Secular law is one thing, Christian marriage is another. When it comes to Christian marriage, marriage is not a right at all--- it is a privilege granted by God, and some would even say, it's a sacrament--- holy matrimony. I agree. The polls seem to now … [Read more...]

Uncommon Sense– Part Two

Yet another harangue you hear these days after the exclamation "it's just common sense" is "we should demand our rights". Unfortunately, we now live in the 'entitlement' age, where everyone wants to demand their rights, and too few people are willing to take responsibility for their actions. I can't even go through a day without seeing maybe a dozen ads for law firms who are going to 'help you get what's coming to you, by right'. We are being urged to sue car dealers, sue insurance companies, … [Read more...]

Uncommon Sense— Part One

I've grown weary of so many Christians using the phrase "well it's just common sense!" I've grown weary of it especially when what follows this exclamation is usually ideas which are not compatible with what the Bible says. Take for example "neither a borrower nor a lender be". I've heard that one quoted quite a lot following the exclamation about common sense. This word just in--- that's not in the Bible and it's not even compatible with what's in the Bible! It's from the Bard, not the … [Read more...]

Kingsman– The Secret Service

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tukQDg22o9MSometimes things are just not as advertized. This movie is one of them. It has a few good scenes. One of the better ones can be viewed above. It also has a boat load of the F word and the S word, and some absolutely grotesque violence scenes, including one in a church in Kentucky, supposedly. We folks don't behave like that in church, not even in the snake handling churches--- honest. I understand that this movie is something of a spoof on the … [Read more...]

Forward Thinking about “Reading Backwards’ Conclusions

It is the conclusion of Richard Hays that we "must learn to read Israel's Scriptures not only through the filtering lens of modern critical methods, but also through the eyes of John and other authors of the canonical Gospels" (p. 93). Thus "the hermeneutical key to this intertextual dialectic is the practice of figural reading: the discernment of unexpected patterns of correspondence between earlier and later events or persons within a continuous temporal stream." Such a reading is only … [Read more...]

Finding Jesus— Reboot

http://edition.cnn.com/videos/tv/2015/02/26/finding-jesus-season-1-episode-1.cnn/video/playlists/finding-jesus/" title="Finding Jesus" … [Read more...]

Finding Jesus– Review of Part One

When you are dealing with a docu-drama, sometimes it's hard to get the balance right between education and what is dramatically effective on the screen. The first episode of Finding Jesus was indeed well filmed, the cinematography was excellent, and it involved a nice array of voices as the talking heads interspersed between the recreations of the scenes related to the burial shroud of Jesus. Obviously, the focus was on the shroud, now called the shroud of Turin. There was a nice balance of … [Read more...]

Forward Thinking on ‘Reading Backwards’–The Interview Part Six

12) In the second volume of the Lightfoot Legacy series, the volume on the Gospel of John to be published next year, Lightfoot says almost exactly the same thing you do about Jesus as Temple and the fulfillment of the Festivals etc. and about the backwards reading of the Scriptures as exhibited in John as well. It is interesting as well that he insists as you do on p. 131 n. 24 that the backwards reading does not negate the historical forward reading of Scripture but that one should see them as … [Read more...]