Lent begins


Photo by Billy Kangas
Photo by Billy Kangas

Like many of you, a cross formed from the ashes of burnt palms dons my brow today. Lent begins for many of us. A time a deeper prayer, fasting, giving, and service. We are but dust. Life if fragile. We have such a brief sojourn here. I hope you can join me today in setting our heart and minds toward what lent reminds us about.
Through prayer we connect with the source for all our life. The Christian faith is not a philosophy or a set of moral precepts but a participation in the very life of God. This life is a fountain of grace and mercy in love. It offers guidance and strength for the journey ahead. God looks upon us in all things with eyes of love. Let us take time this lent to return the gaze.

Through fasting lent reminds us to live for more than what is easy or pleasant. There is nothing wrong with good things in life in fact these are blessings we should give thanks for, however to seek what is convenient and comfortable is not the commission we are called to complete. Instead we are commissioned to the cross. The daily setting aside of our own will and desires and to serve both God and neighbor.

Through giving and serving we turn our eyes to those who are blown like dust in our own world. We are called to open our eyes to see the faces of the hurting, the needy, the lost and afraid. Let us not forget to invite conviction and compassion this lent. I pray we might receive God’s heart and open our lives to join in his compassionate care for all.

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