A Prayer for the Human Tragedy Behind the Immigration.

Like many, my heart has been broken as I hear about the thousands of Children streaming across the border of our nation. I am left in awe of the kind of horrors that would make a parent believe that sending their child away alone through dangerous routes and with dangerous people is somehow a better option than keeping them at home. I am saddened by much of the rhetoric that sees these kids as political pawns more than human beings. I am disturbed by the nativism that is trumping the love of … [Read more...]

On December 10th, Pope Francis is setting off a global wave of prayer to end hunger

Do you remember when Francis called for a global day of fasting for peace? Well he's decided he's going to try to change the world through prayer again! On December 10th,┬áhuman rights day, the Pope is sparking off what's being called, "a global wave of prayer" that will spread across the world starting noon in Australia and sweeping across the world. This will be the kick off of a global campaign in the Catholic Church not only to fight hunger but to end it completly. That's right, the Church is … [Read more...]