What the Synod on the Family is, and how you can prepare!

My family is my greatest treasure, teacher and trainer. They have taught me to love deeper, serve more faithfully, persevere more faithfully, and give myself more fully every day. There is no one who  has pushed me to be more like Christ like my wife. There are no greater examples of faith and devotion in my life than my boys. My family is an icon of God in so many ways in my life, I am continually humbled by how deeply and truly blessed I am.As my family challenges and supports me, I find … [Read more...]

107-year-old nun: Francis is the Pope for our time

I found this story to be quite inspirational!A religious sister who celebrated her 107th birthday at daily Mass with Pope Francis Feb. 20 believes that the Holy Father is a gift to the Church.“If God wanted us to have Pope Francis, it’s because it was already in his eternal mind,” Sister Candida Bellotti said in statements to CNA. “He is the right person for our time, and we need to respect him because it is God’s will.”The religious sister, who is believed to be the oldest nun … [Read more...]

On December 10th, Pope Francis is setting off a global wave of prayer to end hunger

Do you remember when Francis called for a global day of fasting for peace? Well he's decided he's going to try to change the world through prayer again! On December 10th, human rights day, the Pope is sparking off what's being called, "a global wave of prayer" that will spread across the world starting noon in Australia and sweeping across the world. This will be the kick off of a global campaign in the Catholic Church not only to fight hunger but to end it completly. That's right, the Church is … [Read more...]

Sarah Palin, the Pope’s influencers are much worse than you think

It is being reported that  Sarah Palin is concerned about the Pope's sphere of influence.  She seems to echo the  fears I have heard from many that all of his talk about serving one's neighbor, feeding the hungry, and living humbly in solidarity with poor reflects too much contact with the mainstream media: Former Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin has said Pope Francis has “taken her aback” with his liberal interpretation of Christianity and has expressed fears he may be being influenced b … [Read more...]