Who defines the story you live?

Been playing with natural frames and lenses. This is a good exercise. It opens my eyes to new ways to see the world. It's a reminder to be aware of the ways I see the world. My experiences, education, social location and family influence how I process the daily events of life and the story I believe myself to be a part of. It is only when we are able to name our lenses that we are able to imagine the world through alternative frames. ¬†Sometimes I need optometrist for my heart. How have your … [Read more...]


Time is too slow for those who wait, Too swift for those who fear, Too long for those who grieve, Too short for those who rejoice, But for those who love, time is Eternity.-Henry Van Dyke … [Read more...]

Imagine the Fantastic

I ran into this mobile paint cart last week. I Love this. The whole of downtown Ann Arbor is filled with art by this crew every December. Each window is transformed into a canvas which defuses light into the shops thru the medium of dreams and fantasy.You really should take a stroll through Ann Arbor¬†if you are in Southeast Michigan this month and see the their work. Then go home and think about what dreams you want to fill your windows and if you have let the fantastic filter your … [Read more...]


This picture reminds me that to focus on one thing means we leave something else out of focus. To frame one thing means we exclude what is beyond the frame. Life is always bigger than what has our attention. Mindfulness and attentiveness are different but important. This is particularly necessary now. Selective framing is our zeitgeist. Distraction has been almost weaponized.Always look beyond the frame. Stand with those left out of focus. Zoom out. Jesus is there. … [Read more...]


The change we want to see in the world does not begin or end with broad social reforms. It is rooted in people who take time to listen and share with one another. I hope my heart and my life has room to share, listen, and change one conversation at a time. … [Read more...]

Bare branches, living hope

There is such beauty in the naked branches. A twisted mess of Fingers raised to the light. I'm inspired by their faith. Standing still in the darkest days, and the coldest hours. Arms held aright. Ready for resurrection. … [Read more...]

Advent in Ice

Found this little guy in a frozen pond this morning. I love the texture of the water's surface and I love how this little shoot breaks through it. Reminds me of myself.Winter catches me unprepared. I find myself still clinging to the leaves of the last season unwilling to move forward unwilling to let go.December is the season of Advent. A season liturgically designed to prepare us. It tells us to let go; let go of our little narratives for a bigger story; let go of our fears for a … [Read more...]

A new day. An old prayer.

Let nothing disturb you,Let nothing frighten you, All things are passing away: God never changes. Patience obtains all things Whoever has God lacks nothing; God alone suffices.-- St. Teresa of Avila … [Read more...]

Vote for the Good

To my christian friends who are voting for Trump. I know why you are doing it. You hate Abortion.I know it's an important issue... but I feel I have to say something.But this pro-life only attitude has become dangerous. Not only for the nation and the world but even our souls.It's been used to cover such a multitude of sins.It's justified budgets that abuse the poor. It's justified supporting candidates who vote to cut food aid to the most vulnerable, those who support the death … [Read more...]