Lent: A Window to Salvation


This morning my 4 year old son and I were getting ready for the day and I told him it was Thursday. He reminded me it wasn't just a Thursday, it was a day to get ready for Easter and that made it special. I smiled and and told him he was right. Today was a special day, and that ever day was going to be special for the next 40 days (give or take a few Sundays).He asked me how long it took to count to 40. I then counted to 40 for him.That's a lot of days he said.Each one is special I re … [Read more...]

Eastern Orthodoxy and the Pope: Eastern Perspectives

pope perspectives

We recently began a series exploring the relationship between the Pope and the Eastern Orthodox Churches. In the first article I laid out a brief history of the relationship between the East and the Pope. In this entry I would like to turn my attention to contemporary Eastern Orthodox perspectives on the issue. Recent theologians in the Orthodox Church have offered substantial insights into paths for unity with the Catholic Church on the subject of the Papacy. Taking the time to examine the … [Read more...]

Keeping “Pro-Life” Consistent


This week thousands came to Washington D.C. to march to defend the rights of human beings of all shapes and sizes as part of the annual “March for Life” rally. While I was living in D.C. I had the privilege of seeing this group converge every year. It was a remarkable sight to behold. I still count going to Mass in the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception with all the marchers as one of the most profoundly moving moments of my life.While much of the energy of the Mar … [Read more...]

Eastern Orthodoxy and The Pope: A Brief History


Among the many issues that divide East and West, the papacy is arguably the largest issue that concerns theologians today. This sentiment has been repeated by many Christian leaders, Catholics and Orthodox alike. Take for example the words of Pope Paul VI who stated in 1967 that addressing how to understand the papacy is “undoubtedly the gravest obstacle to the path of ecumenism.”[1]This sentiment has been echoed by many in both the Eastern Orthodox and the Roman Catholic Churches, including … [Read more...]

How to Read the Psalms and other Biblical poetry

read the psalms

Poetry is a dying art. Few people write it, read it, or would even know how to if they tried. It requires a heart, an imagination, and the ability to sit within a tension. In today's sound-bite culture people have lost the essential ability to read with the kind of reflection and pacing necessary to read a poem. This is a deeply tragic cultural illiteracy. Being unable to dwell in poetry means you are unable to dwell in the world of the Bible because so much of the Bible is poetr … [Read more...]

10 Ways the Creed Matters to Your Faith


This week I posted a nice article on how the Creed can transform and guide your faith on Theologues. I love how the Creed offers us the story that God is inviting us into and helps contextualize our lives within the very life of God. I encourage you to take a peek over at Theologues where the article is posted and let me know what you think in the comments there. Are there any ways you would add? What would Number 11 be for you? I have listed each of my reasons below, read the full article to … [Read more...]

Veni Veni Emmanuel

oh come

It's the fourth week of Advent. I hope you are finding the light of Christ is dawning in your hearts this week. If you've missed them here are a selection of articles I have written for the season.1. Paradise within the Cave: Rublev’s Nativity2. Five Things You Don’t Know About Christmas (and probably should)3. 6 Lessons from John of the Cross to Advent Pilgrims4. My Advent / Christmas Traditions5. St. John Chrysostom, “Homily on Christmas Morning”6. The 12 Days of Christm … [Read more...]

Paradise within the Cave: Rublev’s Nativity

Rublev nativity

Last week in my “Modern Magi on the Meaning of Christmas”  conversation featuring with Scot McKnight,  Nadia Bolz-Weber, and Kyle Roberts  my conversation partners repeatedly brought up the importance of seeing Christmas as a lens through which we can see God's action in a world of fear, murder, tragedy. The world is broken, and that's an important part of the story. One of the things Nadia mentioned that really stuck with me was the idea that we have to keep "Herod in Christmas" We have to be re … [Read more...]

The Hardest Bible Quiz You’ll Ever Take (?)


Bluefield College recently created what they are calling the "Hardest Bible Quiz You'll ever Take." It's a fun little quiz. I don't personally think it's the hardest bible quiz by a long shot (Brag: I got all 18 questions right my first time through). I'd love to hear how you all do. If you like this quiz you can also check out a quiz I put up a while ago on the Church Councils which I think might be a little bit harder. You can find THAT QUIZ here. I have included the Bluefield College quiz … [Read more...]