St. Anthony on fighting against sin

Hey everyone! I have decided to incorporate some weekly series into Orant. One of which will be called "Meet the Church Fathers" in this section I will be sharing patristic quotes and sayings that I find to be life giving and shed some wisdom on the Christian life. Today's quote comes from Saint Anthony, the father of Monasticism. It reflects on the merits of working with our hands in our battle against personal sin.When the holy Abba Anthony lived in the desert he was beset by boredom, and … [Read more...]

Join the New Orant Page on Facebook

Hey After a lot of thinking I have come to the conclusion that that facebook "Page" application is actually much better for Orant then the "Group" ApplicationThus I have decided to create a page...PLEASE go to click LIKEOr just do it here:I will make it worth your while... I promiseThe page aplication allows me to do some great stuff this group does not allow me to do.Also Orant now has a … [Read more...]

Michael Bloomberg on religious freedom

This week New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg spoke in favor of building a Mosque in New York. It's a powerful and moving speech. It reflected a great deal of insight into the history of the struggles of religious groups in New York. It was also refreshing to see a politician stand up for religious groups, even to the point of showing personal emotionI was bothered after the speech though when Christine Quinn began her speech by calling people who resisted the building of the mosque as … [Read more...]

Read “Orthodoxy” by G.K. Chesterton

There is probably no book outside of the Bible I quote more then "Orthodoxy" by G.K. ChestertonIt is truly a spiritual classic that is a must read for anyone who is serious about exploring the Christian faith.Because of this I am so pleased to be able to post this book in it's entirety for free today!Enjoy!GBS_insertEmbeddedViewer('p7UEAQAAIAAJ',520,500); … [Read more...]

Have you ever prayed the Jesus Prayer?

Long time readers of this blog will know that I love the Jesus Prayer. The Jesus prayer is inspired by the prayer of the publican in Luke 8. I came to love it after reading The way of the Pilgrim (which is a must read book)Traditionally the prayer goes "Κύριε Ιησού Χριστέ, Υιέ του Θεού, ελέησόν με τον αμαρτωλόν." Which is "Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me, a sinner" in english. There are however several variations on it.It's been a central prayer to the life of the church … [Read more...]

Who wrote the Bible?

I ran into this Video today via Doug Pagitt... I thought it was pretty good.This is pretty much what I believe... How about you? How did we get the Bible today? What's your understanding of it? … [Read more...]

Survey: How do you use your creativity to do the work of God?

This week the New York times reported that creativity in the USA was down. The article essentially said people are learning less about how to be creative and more about how to satisfy testing standards and meet scores.I find this news somewhat troubling. As an American I see our creativity (which up until now has been the best worldwide) as the only bright light up ahead. As jobs move overseas due to out-sourcing and national debt continues to rise at incredible rates Americas greatest hope was … [Read more...]

What is Sunday Morning for?

Have you ever heard someone say something like, " Church must be relevant to the lost people who need Christ?"It's something I hear all the time.And it's something I agree with...However when you start talking to them you find they have a completely different idea of what a "relevant" church looks like...In most cases in my life this confusion stems from different uses of the word “Church.”For many people “Church” refers to the structures, services, and programs offered by an organization... and … [Read more...]

After Pentecost: “Guest Blogger” Mos Def

We continue our series "After Pentecost." Exploring the life of the Christian in "Ordinary Time". Todays perspective is brought by Mos Def.... sort of. I would post a 're-mix' of something Mos Def said back in 1999.He was originally talking about Hip-Hop, but I thought it might also speak to the Church. I replaced "hip hop" with "the Church". Hey Mos Def, if you're out there, I hope this is cool with you. Let me know.From Fear Not Of Man … [Read more...]