Can Comforting Illusions Go Too Far?

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todd vengeance

This was actually the first official appearance of Todd Almighty (back in 2014). And Blinky wasn’t nearly as cute back then.

In general, I don’t really care who or what people worship. From my many conversations with the very devout, it would seem that everyone sort of fashions their own personalized version of the moral cultural consensus whether they care to admit it or not. Belief in a higher power brings comfort to many and maybe there’s not harm in that. It’s when it gets into the judgement aspects where things get iffy.

Most religions are inherently clubs with in-groups and out-groups. Now I’d wager very few religious practitioners delight in their respective deity’s arbitrary rubric for eternal judgement for what are essentially thought crimes, but some weirdly do seem to delight in it. And that’s creepy.

Because the judgement is so horrific, some folks have attempted to justify it by declaring unbelievers and infidels to be wicked, rebellious, or stubborn—none of which would merit eternal vengeful torture without rehabilitation or redemption.

As best as I can tell, however, we have all come to the conclusions we have regarding the nature of reality from personal experience, cultural and geographic influence, and what we are capable of understanding and believing. Making the whole judgement thing all the more problematic. Either I have honestly come to the conclusions I have through serious thought, study, and introspection or I have been deceived by a nefarious mythical character. Either way, the whole eternal torture thing is kind of overkill if you ask me.

So, can comforting illusions go too far? Yes. Yes, they can.

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