Interview – Why Megan and Grace Phelps left Westboro Baptist Church

The following is an interview CBC's Jian Ghomeshi did with Megan and Grace Phelps-Roper and David Abitbol. If you have followed this story at all, I would encourage you to listen to this interview. I found it very moving at times as you can hear the heart of Megan and Grace come through as they speak.Doctrine matters. What we say online matters. Megan started questioning the doctrines of Westboro Baptist from a conversation on Twitter. Let this be a reminder to all of us when we are … [Read more...]

Gospel Joy

God is the God of all grace - 'grace that does everything for man who deserves nothing', and joy is at the heart of grace. Grace is God saving sinful man. Joy is his delight and pleasure in doing so. This he shares with the sinner he saves. In the Greek the word for grace is charis and for joy the word is chara - these show clearly their affinity with each other. Where grace comes it brings the joy of the Lord and as we ask for and receive more grace we experience more joy. Joy is that … [Read more...]

Why You Suffer, Pastor

It is good for a man to bear the yoke of service, and he is no loser when it is exchanged for the yoke of suffering. May not severe discipline fall to the lot of some to quality them for their office of under-shepherds? How can we speak with consoling authority to a situation which we have never known? The complete pastor's life will be an epitome of the lives of his people, and they will turn to his preaching as men do to David's psalms, to see themselves and their sorrows, as in a mirror. … [Read more...]

Quit Talking About Abortion

Editor’s Note: Below is a guest post from my brother, Brendan McCaskell. Brendan is finishing up his B.A. in Business Administration and Biblical Studies at Canadian Mennonite University. He is also a youth pastor at City Church in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Find his blog at Reformed Ramblings.I grew up in small town of 1000 people. On Easter Sunday my church would push 100. When I was in high school a friend of mine from youth group, Alice (not her real name) got pregnant. News of this spread q … [Read more...]

Where’s The Gospel?

"God loves you and accepts you just as you are."  These were the words I heard as we recently had a guest speaker in our church. The rest of his sermon was built on that very premise. We didn't have to understand anything, simply, "God loves you and accepts you just as you are." This phrase couldn't be more wrong.Why is this phrase wrong? For starters, it is impossible for God to love us just as we are because we are sinners and God is holy. Where God is there can be no sin. Let me clarify a … [Read more...]