Would Jesus be on Facebook if He walked the earth today?

I live in Canada, a country that used to hold the title of "world's heaviest internet user". The average Canadian in 2011 would spend 45 hours online every month. In 2012 that number decreased to 41 hours per month which has led our neighbours to the south taking our title at 43 hours online per month. Canada has a population of 35 million and 26 million of those have the internet. Of the 26 million that have the internet, nearly 100 percent (99.5%) go online at least once a day. The point is … [Read more...]

Where are the Facebook Christians?

I've started noticing an interesting trend. It used to be called the "Sunday Christian". These are the people who would come to Church on Sunday, go to Bible study on Wednesday, but the rest of the week they would live like any other non-Christian. I've started to see people on Facebook, that are my friends who call themselves Christians but live a life of destruction online.The gospel of Jesus Christ tells us to reach all nations and whatever we do, whether we eat or drink, do it all to the … [Read more...]