What is Postmillennialism?

“Postmillennialism” comes from a term that means, literally, “after the thousand years”. Thus, it is essentially a way of interpreting Revelation 20, which six times mentions a period of a thousand years, during which Satan is bound and believers reign with Christ. Postmillennialists believe that Christ will return after a future golden age of prosperity on the earth, during which time the gospel will have been fruitful in all the world, bringing peace and security to all. Postmillennialists look … [Read more...]

Gospel Joy

God is the God of all grace - 'grace that does everything for man who deserves nothing', and joy is at the heart of grace. Grace is God saving sinful man. Joy is his delight and pleasure in doing so. This he shares with the sinner he saves. In the Greek the word for grace is charis and for joy the word is chara - these show clearly their affinity with each other. Where grace comes it brings the joy of the Lord and as we ask for and receive more grace we experience more joy. Joy is that … [Read more...]

America’s Ugly Exported “Gospel”

Watch an excerpt of John Piper protesting the prosperity gospel and exulting in God, whose glory shines in suffering. … [Read more...]

Where’s The Gospel?

"God loves you and accepts you just as you are."  These were the words I heard as we recently had a guest speaker in our church. The rest of his sermon was built on that very premise. We didn't have to understand anything, simply, "God loves you and accepts you just as you are." This phrase couldn't be more wrong.Why is this phrase wrong? For starters, it is impossible for God to love us just as we are because we are sinners and God is holy. Where God is there can be no sin. Let me clarify a … [Read more...]