Spitting into the Sky

At the end of C S Lewis’ Til We Have Faces there is this amazing scene. The protagonist, Orual, at the end of her life comes to face the gods. She has long had complaints against them for how they run their universe and the circumstances she has endured. She comes with her case against them – a large book – but arriving finds only a small scrap of paper scribbled with accusations. She reads her complaints to them again and again but they do not respond. In the end it is her complaint against the … [Read more...]

Our Unlawful Government

The United States of America was founded upon religious ideals. From the beginning when congress would gather they would first open every meeting in prayer, seeking wisdom and guidance from God above. 12 out of the 13 states had a tax created for the growth of churches and the preaching of the gospel. The American law was founded upon God’s law, the same law that is imprinted on our hearts and the same law that is the only absolute declaration of what is right and wrong in all of human h … [Read more...]

What is Amillennialism?

“Amillennialism” comes from a term that means, literally, “no thousand years”. Thus, it is essentially a way of interpreting Revelation 20, which six times mentions a period of a thousand years, during which Satan is bound and believers reign with Christ. Amillennialists believe that there will be no future thousand-year period of time when the Kingdom of God will be visibly flourishing in the world, and the whole earth will be fruitful and at peace. Speaking symbollically like the rest of Revela … [Read more...]