Killing Sexual Exploitation at its Root

You cannot kill a tree by picking its fruit. You must kill its roots.Unearthed has launched production of "The Hearts of Men" - a feature length documentary engaging men that fuel demand in sexual exploitation - the missing link in this battle. Groundswell will tell you about our journey up to this point, and give you a few ways to partner with us.To learn more, act, or give, visit our new … [Read more...]

4 Reasons Men Like Porn

1. Porn is easy, but relationships are hard. Relationships, especially our closest relationships, involve work. Every day we are required to care what’s going on in others’ lives. We must put up with sour moods, offensive behavior, and selfishness—both in ourselves and in others.In contrast, porn offers men a feeling of risk-free intimacy. Pornography offers men a fantasy world where they are required to know nobody, require no romance, and no self-sacrifice for the benefit of others. And fo … [Read more...]