Can’t seem to break that one sin?

Ambrose (340-397) writes: Often we hear talk about fleeing from this world, and I wish that the mind were as careful and circumspect as talk is easy! But, what is worse, the allurement of earthly lusts frequently creeps in, and influx of vanities takes over the mind, so that what you endeavour to avoid, you think about and turn over in your mind. It is difficult for a man to guard against this, but impossible for him to get rid of it. Indeed, in this matter the wish exceeds the accomplishment, … [Read more...]

Christopher Hitchens, Mortality and Calvinism

A month or so ago I finished reading Christopher Hitchens last book, and his last words written, Mortality. Chapter 2 he focuses his attention on his impending death and the role religion plays. More specifically and interestingly he discusses his interaction with different pastors, one being Douglas Wilson. As I read I felt the constant need to gasp for breath. It was painful to read the words of a man contemplating death and being completely oblivious, blind and hard hearted towards God. He … [Read more...]

The Devil In Our Sanctification

You know that feeling that overcomes you when you have sinned against a holy, perfect and just God? You don’t want to sin, in fact you are sure you won’t but then all of a sudden you end up getting angry at your wife, or you get impatient with your kids. You then beat yourself up because you just did exactly the opposite of what you wanted to do!I think the devil has tactics of attacking us even in our pursuit of holiness. The enemy attacks us in those feelings we get after we have sinned. Do … [Read more...]