Why You Should Be Using Group.Me

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One of my favorite services for both professional and personal use is Group.me, a group texting service. If you have not tried it, it is a game-changer.

The nitty-gritty

  • Sign up for an account.
  • Create a group and you’ll be assigned a group phone number.
  • Add people’s mobile numbers to the group*.
  • When anyone in the group texts to that group number, it shows up as a conversation thread among everyone and not separate texts between individuals. (see the convo to the right between my kids and I when I was travelling)

How you might use it . . .

  • Staff: for ongoing and emergency conversations;
  • Parents: for youth groups, scouts etc. it is great to let parents know when a group is arriving home, communicate pick-ups, etc.
  • Family: for ongoing family communication so there are no kids accidently left at school because one parent though the other was going to pick her up. Not that I know that that;s like 😉
  • Friend Groups: for conferences or trips where a group of people need to stay connected.

Group.me can be used via a smart phone, sms or online, so everyone can use it. It’s very simple to set up and most folks can figure it it out pretty quickly.

Seriously. Start using this.

*GETTING STARTED TIP: If you are setting this up for your group, be sure to shift to office mode so everyone does not get notified EVERY time someone is added. After you add everyone, switch back and ask everyone to reply at least once. By doing this, people see what it looks like on their device AND they confirm their membership. If they do not send a message with the first day or so, they will be automatically dropped from the group.

Jane Lui and Friends Cover TLC’s Waterfall

h/t: AngryAsianMan

Arghhh . . . why did I not know about Jane Lui before now?

*hangs head in shame*

Better late than never.

From her website bio:

“I’m can be pretty shy, and learned that I feel most earnest and outgoing in music. More than anything, I want to be honest in music; it respects intelligence.” With a sensitivity towards the interplay of sound, space, & subtlety, Lui’s artistry is fierce with utmost musicianship & self-respect.

Below are a few videos that I would encourage you to watch, but be warned, her YouTube channel is a rabbit hole of musical awesomeness . . . he says an hour after clicking on the Waterfalls video.

Here is her most recent project: a cover of Waterfalls by TLC feat. Tamlyn Tomita, Lynn Chen, & Phil Yu!


And to get a sense of her vocal chops and instrumental creativity view this Maroon Five – Muppets Mashup


And for a little fun, here is a  2:30 cartoon medley with Paul Dateh.

You can find out more via JaneLui.com and follow her on twitter, facebook and itunes.

You’re welcome.