If You Can Find Me, You Can Read Me

Photo by b-tal on Flickr

First, I want to thank folks for keeping up with my wandering self as I have  lived so many variations of my social media and blogging life. I am still amazed and humbled that folks read my drivel, so I hope to make the navigation as painless as possible.

Now that I have been blogging with Patheos for a while and since my blog on SFGate was dropped, I think I have figured out how to best map my blogging. Most of you will not notice much here on Patheos, but for those of you who want to keep up with San Francisco Bay Area happenings and my life in a more personal way, I’ll be sharing more of that over on www.reyes-chow.com.

My sharing map as it stands today . . .

Other blogging contexts and social media hangouts:
  • For some of the same posts, but directed at different audiences, you can visit my blogs on The Huffington Post, The Red Letter Christians and The Working Preacher.
  • I am also on a variety of other social media sites – instagram, goodreads, spotify, etc. – where you can generally find me by searching for the user name “breyeschow.” For the sites on which I am currently most active, [click here].

Part of why I am doing this is also in the hope this will allow you to unfollow or unsubscribe, but still track those things that you are interested. Again, feel free to subscribe to www.reyes-chow and it should be revamped in the next week with more San Francisco type stuff.

Thanks again and I’ll see you around the interwebs.

No One Likes to be Licked by Surprise

Photo from Lucky Buddy Petcare

Last week I was hanging out at one of my “offices” AKA a local coffee shop when this guy walked in with this dog on-leash and trailing closely behind. Now I am not a huge “Don’t bring your dog into food establishments!” kind of guy, but I do think some of us dog owners might be better about realizing that not everyone thinks their puppy is God’s gift to cute {like ours}.

The owner struck up a conversation with the barista and the dog,  as dogs will do, started wandering and sniffing.

I could see it coming. There was a guy sitting at a table, deeply focused on his laptop, with his back towards the man and his dog. One sniff from behind and the dog laid this slobbery lick right up the arm of the guy sitting at the table. I could barely stifle a giggle as I saw the look on the guys face: first shock at the feeling, then disgust at the dog and finally condemnation towards the owner.

The owner kind of laughed if off and walked out with his hot coffee and slobbery dog.

The lickee looked up and noticed that I had witnessed the whole thing. We made eye contact and he says, “And I am a dog person.”

And I responded, “But no one likes to be licked by surprise.”

So basically what happened is that someone who, probably in any other circumstance, would have been friendly and open to playing with the dog was turned off by the dog and the owner simply because he was caught off guard and surprised by the action.

Do I really need to point out the parallels to leadership?

Surprises, no matter how good the idea is or how cute the delivery method, will most often be met with resistance.

Carry on.