Thank you for not voting

Okay, so in a recent post, I admitted that while I do not hate Mitt Romney, I was not going to vote for him. And while I can certainly take the high road about personal attacks on candidates, as one who does not want him or the accompanying Republican platform elected, if you are a supporter and choosing not to vote, “Thank you.”

Because, as David LaMotte puts it so eloquently in this video, “The Myth of Democracy” (2010), “It’s not run by all of us, it’s only run by the people who show up.”

Take a look.

So in the end, if you don’t vote, by simple percentages, my votes counts that much more. Again, thank you.

And if you missed the other five reasons that David argues that you SHOULD vote:

  1. If you don’t vote, you can’t whine. That’s the rule.
  2. It feels good.
  3. You get a groovy “I voted” sticker.
  4. A lot of people died so you can vote.
  5. If you don’t vote, someone else gets to vote for you.

It’s that last one that I am really hoping you’ll ignore because I would LOVE to cast your vote for you. I am still not sure who it will be for, Barack Obama or Jill Stien, but you’re not voting anyway, so what do you care? So if you would lean towards views that Mitt Romney and the Republican Party hold and have better things to do than vote, by all means please skip this silly voting thing. I mean really, who cares and what does it matter?

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Review of “White Flour” by David LaMotte and Jenn Hales

Cover of White Flour by David LaMotte and Jenn Hales

Most people know David as a singer, songwriter, peacemaker, activist and author. And over the past 15+ years, I am grateful to have come to call him a friend, but David’s real mark on my life is as the soundtrack that was played during the birth of all three of my daughters. As refrains of “Hard-Earned Smile, “We’re All Each Other’s Angels” and “S.S. Bathtub” played in the background, David’s voice and music helped welcome my babies into the world. And over the past 16 years, the girls have grown up with David through his concerts, his music and his ministry.

Yep, David, has a pretty special place in the life of our family and for his ministry and gifts we are thankful.

So it is with great pleasure that I commend David’s latest project to you, his book “White Flour” available on Amazon and

White Flour is David LaMotte’s second children’s book, with illustrations by Jenn Hales.  In Seussian rhyme, it tells the funny and inspiring story of the day that the Ku Klux Klan met the Coup Clutz Clowns, who offered a whimsical and wise retort to their racist rally. The poem that provides the text for the book was inspired by true events in Knoxville, TN in 2007.

Many folks may have heard of the 2007 Knoxville, TN march, but David has captured the event with a sense of passion and imagination that brings that day to life in amazing ways. Do not make the mistake to dismiss this simply as a children’s book, because, as so many other children’s book do, David’s words and Jenn Hale’s illustrations, challenge all people, old and young, to reflect on the nature of what it means to be community. David brings to light this event where evil and hatred are fought, not with the force of violence, but with the power of love.

Here is David reciting “White Flour”

Again, White Flour is available on Amazon and You can also follow David on Twitter [@davidlamotte] and find him Facebook. And if you are looking to dive into David’s music, my all-time favorite CD is Flying, Live from Grey Eagle, also available on Amazon and