Wherever Liberals and Conservatives are Gathered, There is _____?

I am sure that when you read the title of this post, you filled in the blank with: fear ignorance hostility injustice distraction Jesus or beer Sure, there are individuals who might indeed warrant such descriptors, but might we be better served by filling in the blank with “faithfulness, conviction and grace?” As you some [Read More…]

Gimme a P-L-G-R-M! What does it spell?

Well apparently Landon Whitsitt and crew did not get the memo that paper is dead ūüėȬ†So why the heck did I just donate a little bank to help kickstart this new quarterly magazine? Because I have a heart for people leaping out in faith in order to change the world for the better and PLGRM [Read More…]

Ryan Kemp-Pappan: Five Graphic Novels Every Pastor Should Read

I love sharing my blogging space with an occasional guest bloggers.¬†It is my intention help share some new/different voices with a larger¬†audience¬†Today’s post is from my friend, Ryan Kemp-Pappan. Ryan is a “LGBTQ Advocate. Minister. Recovering Addict. Friend. Son. Spiritual Director. Social Worker. Artist. Writer. LA Dodger fan. Taco Aficionado. Runner. Aspiring Vegan. Extrovert married [Read More…]

Anyone Else Want to Give up eMail for Lent?

View original post. Don’t worry, I’m not REALLY going to do it, but boy do I want to. Last year I updated a post pushing back on the idea that one should give up social media for Lent. In that post I basically argue that, unless it is holding you back from somehow connecting to [Read More…]

The Ally Dilemma on National Coming Out Day

Today is¬†National Coming Out Day. Celebrated on October 11 in the United States and around the world, this is a day that celebrates and raises awareness about LGBTQ movements, people and perspectives. One of the things that has been interesting is that there has been an¬†increased push for LGBTQ-affirming allies to also come out. In [Read More…]

Words of Thanks to the Teachers in Our Life

Last year, as my three daughters left for their first day of school,¬†I let you all in on a little tradition in our home, New Shoes and the First Day of School. Somehow the clock kept moving forward and today marks the beginning of ¬†the next school year here in San Francisco. ¬†I get all [Read More…]