Oh Pussy . . . Riot, How You Make This Boy Squirm

If you have spent any time on the interwebs over the past month, you have probably seen the words “Pussy Riot” flash across your feed at some point. Oh be still my Puritan heart, I hope my cafe table-mates, can’t see what I’m reading and googling In a nutshell from CNN: Three members of Russian [Read More…]

Grace Ji-Sun Kim – God, Women, and the Church

What began as  a personal blogging hiatus, there has been such a positive response to the  to the Guest Blogging Crew, I am making this a regular feature on my blog. It is my intention to expose new/different voices to a larger audience so if you are interested in submitting an idea, please feel fill out this form. This week I am glad to [Read More…]

Be the Change: Shannon Day, Elizabeth Rosas and Juana’s Voice

Not really sure when I met Shannon and Elizabeth, but over the years via the lens of my children’s choral activities and wonders of the interwebs, I have grown to really appreciate her and Elizabeth’s creativity. Not only does Shannon bring the tunes and Elizabeth create amazing jewelry, but they are committed to making their art and voices make [Read More…]